Can YZ graphics fit WR's?

Dumb Question Alert!!! I've been looking for new graphics for my 2000 WR400F. Problem is that all the ones I like are only listed for YZF's. All I'm looking for are graphics for the shrouds and tank. Nothing else and no seat cover needed. One of my local shops says that YZ graphics will fit, one says they won't, and two others don't know. Has anyone tried this? Anyone 'really' know what's up? FYI: I don't want or need a YZ tank/Seat combo. I've got ThumperRacing's Tall seat foam & cover and it works great. For me, it works better than the YZ combo I tried on a buddies bike. But then again, I'm a big, tall, fat kid who isn't bothered by the width of the stock tank. Tall seat kit from thumper flattens everything nicely, lets me get on top of the tank for corners, and provides tons of extra cush. Enough with that, if you know about the fit of YZ graphics on WR tank and shrouds, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share your wisdom.


Shrouds are the same on both bikes so that part of the graphics won't be an issue. Since the stock WR tank is much larger so are the actual graphics. The YZ graphics will fit for sure,they just won't cover as much of the plastic.....which in my book is good,much less to peel. And lets face it if you ride enough they will peel.

The stripes and colors can still be lined up to match your seat and shrouds. Trust me I have done it. :)

Went ahead and bought the YZF BudLight graphics kit for my WR. Took my time, damn they look good. They just barely miss wrapping over the top of the tank at top & that's the only place they look a little off, and you have look really close to notice it. The fit aint perfect, but YZ graphics do fit close enough.

Take several pictures of them and enjoy the moment because the gas will discolorize the tank graphics in no time and it wont look so pretty.

i ran motoworld grafixon my stock wr tank and they never bubbled or came off for the whole year. i then got a ims tank and seat combo and the plastic bubbled right away. just my 2 cents

What Milkman said........enjoy. Also my graphics seem to last longer in the winter time. As soon as the temps get above 70 degrees......instant bubbles :)

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