2008 450F Tires

What is the best tire to use on my 08450F? I ride on very hard packed dirt roads. There is also stones mixed in when the road is graded. Im ripping the stock tires up rather quickly. The rear tire is larger now so my choices are slim.120-80-19.

You can still use a 110/90 19 size tire...I have since the stocker wore out

Maxxis IT's work well in that kinda terrain.

They last a long time, too.

Get ride of that 120, it'll help the cornering ever so slightly on that bike.

yeah -- all the major bird cage liners (magazines - MXA and Dirt Bike) recommended trash canning the 120 when it wore out anyway -- too much rotating mass in the back aids the "push" ever so slightly

The mass of the 120/80 that the bike comes with is very little different from a typical 110/90, and considerably less than a 120/90.

i use the dunlop 952, the stock 956 are softer

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