Stupid is as stupid does

Well, after turning 50 and buying my yz450 (after not having a dirt bike for many many years) On my second trip out with it, I stuff myself into a ditch and break my right collar bone. So no riding for a few bike is laughing at wife is giving me the "I told you so"....I am self employed doing heavy work so no income for a is as stupid does!

Funny thing is I bought a Leatt brace but it's not here yet!

Just thought I'd give you all a chuckle!

As soon as I'm healed I'm getting back on that pig and riding...I'm not a smart man.:worthy::eek:

Determined is as determined does

get healthy and wrangle that beast

Funny you bring that up. The older I get the faster I was. My buddies are just getting on my case about slowing down. Well, its for a reason. I dont want to get hurt. I want to ride another weekend.

I learned there is a fine line and I wont cross it anymore. Well, thats what I tell everyone!

that sucks - be thankfull though......with the Leatt you would have broken BOTH collar bones!!!

That chuckling here! Lost income and (more importantly) not being able to ride are serious matters! I did a similar thing, bought my bike on a Saturday and had a near death experience on Sunday. Promised myself I was selling it (as I was lying in a heap) but didn't. Now I'm glad. Get well soon.

It happens to all of us. For some it's the first or second ride, for others it's a year or two later. If anyone thinks that you should never expect to crash on a motorcycle (especially a dirt bike) they're kidding themselves. It's a part of the sport and we all accept that. Even the most skilled and experienced riders crash and hurt themselves.

I feel bad that with your circumstances you'll be out of work, but consider it a lesson learned. I like Hillclimbguy have learned there are things I used to try, that I don't even consider any longer. I enjoy just riding more than being the fastest or the most daring. I still enjoy a challenge, but not at the risk of busting myself or my bike in to a million pieces.

You've already proven your toughness and determination by showing that you can't wait to get back on the bike again. There are so many guys/kids who buy a bike, crash it and then sell it; never to ride again. The world needs those guys too, because you usually get a good bike for dirt cheap :worthy:

Hope everything turns out! I just started riding again myself this year at age 38 and haven't mounted an offroad bike in 12 years, guess what i bought, thats right a 450f and started back at woods racing a month after I bought it. My parents are always giving me a hard time of I'm too old, my wife on the other hand backs me 100%, the vet and senior turn outs at the races are amazing in numbers, keep riding till you can't get that leg over the seat any more, and then get a stool or small ladder to help. Luckily I have yet to do any major body damage to myself except for my knee that I hurt while trying to train for the races, I am just too old to be running around the block I told myself.:worthy:

As soon as I'm healed I'm getting back on that pig and riding...I'm not a smart man.:eek::banghead:

For a very lucky few, riding is an addiction. It must be fed. :worthy:

hate to hear that, but keep riding. I had rode all my adult life when at 33 i crashed pretty hard and broke the top 2 vert's in my neck c1-c2..... took a few years off, then when my son hit 13 and I was a mere 40, we started riding again. Last year on my yzf, I almost hit a quad head on..... missed him... endo'd off the trail and broke my lh collar bone. I thought the wife unit was going to start the "sell everything" routine again, but that did not happen. She understands how much I love to ride.

We just trail ride now and enjoy every minute I get to ride...

I was off the bike a couple of months, and no ill effects.


Hang in there and get out as soon as you can again. I just got back into offroad after many years and I"m 47. When we are really old we will have something to look back on and smile!

Im in the same boat as you are. Self employed auto repair shop owner. I gave up riding at the track also. I cant afford to get hurt and be out of work. I only ride on flat dirt roads at my buddies place in the mountains. Its too hard to control myself at the track. I miss flying over the jumps. Now I just haul ass and do mile long wheelies. It sucks being self employed!

Hope you heal up fast! Oct 28th 07 I broke my left femur, shoulder & wrist all at the young age of 40. 10 months later my 1st ride was at Cahuilla Creek where I went 1 1/2 laps before crashing hard enough to ruin the paint job on my new Shoei...but I just can't give these bikes up..been riding since 1978 & don't plan on stopping...but I'm getting the feeling that my reflexes aren't what they were years ago. Hope you get back on the bike soon:thumbsup:

I broke my right wrist the first month I started riding over jumping a double. Broke it on Saturday just before Mother's Day and went to work on Monday. I need both hands pretty badly since I am a Chiropractor. After the first week no one notice since I was able to work efficiently in my cast.

Don't give up just learn from it.

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