Colorado Riders, Gilsonite trail?

I rode a trail this weekend that I just loved. It was located in Arapahoe forest above Grand lake. I Think it was called the Gilsonite trail, although, It may have been Gilson or Gilstone trail. Has anyone else tried this trail? Does anyone kow if it is rated Expert, Intermediate, or Novice? Are there more trails like this in the area? Are there any maps available. This was absolutely one of the most beautiful and unspoiled trails I have ever ridden. I would love to find more that compare to this, anywhere in Colorado.

Thanks for your help.


That would be the Gilsonite trail, nice single track for sure. When I ride that area I carry the Arapahoe NF map, most of the trails are on it. Further west off the same road as the gilsonite trail is illinois pass, which is a nice ATV trail, off of that trail is the willow creek single track which is also alot of fun. I would rate most of the trails in that area as intermediate in difficulty. I almost hit a moose up there last year, the thing was HUGE!

I saw a Moose near the Gilsonite trail a few years ago too. That is an awesome trail although it's a little too short. Don't tell anyone about it. :D

I don't remember it being very tough at all. But it's been a few years.

There are lots of single track trails in that area but non compare to the Gilsonite trail. There is another trail called the Wolverine trail that is off limits to motorbikes. It connects to the Gilsonite trail. Too bad it's not for motorcycles, because it's just as fun as Gilsonite (I rode it on a mountain bike).

I grew up in Grand Lake believe it or not. Scary eh? :)


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Check out . They have a series of maps called "Trails Illustrated" and they're available at REI, forest ranger areas, etc. They get pretty detailed and are about $10 each. Each one maps a small area of CO. There are a bunch of good trails in map #103 - Winter Park, Central City, Rollins.

A Buddy and a I found this trail by accident a few years ago. We were riding Grand Lake and were dissapointed up to that point with the jeep roads. Then we came upon that trail and started it. It seemed like it went forever. We were having so much fun we forgot about gas. We turned around and both of us made it back on the reserve tanks. That was the only I've been on it though. I hope to go back this summer and with Rampart not an option, I probably will.

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