spoke wrench set

It this set worth the money. I have done it the old fashioned way for years. Any thoughts?231797288be0599c13f93260ed7fe0710_large.jpg

I have it and it`s a quality tool and makes the job really simple. However, it is expensive being 100+$ and I`d say you can live happily with out it if you are not truing wheels more often then an avarage rider.

I have one as well. If I had the choice over again I would buy the excel brand as it has adjustable torque.

It was worth the money to find out how tight spokes were supposed to be. I found the stock yamaha rims I was dealing with to be very loose. I have two decent seasons on the bike now and the rims are still perfect. A lot of that is due to the spokes being properly tensioned.

I just bought one last week when i went out to the World vet callange.

I am now looking for a truing stand.

Buy one it is also (USA made) and can always send in for (free) to have it clibrated

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