Results on homemade P***rNow.

OK, I just got back from a good hour or so of riding with the magic plate installed, well, I must say, I was a little skeptical, but having a crisper throttle response than ever before, and a willingness to spin through the whole rev' range a lot more freely, I think i'll just shut up and enjoy the benefits of what I now beleive can be added to the list of "free mod's". One of the more noticeable things was when I do sit down type wheelstands, I roll the throttle on in third, well now it pops up a hell of a lot quicker than it ever has. Also when I do stand up wheelstands in fourth gear, same story, the quicker throttle response gets the front up lots faster. In a couple of deep sandy/dusty corners, I usually use second gear, today I pulled third easily, where in the past it has laboured when i've tried third. Brandon W, I seem to have experienced the same improvements as you, and thanks to you and jmiakaike for the idea, regards, Chris. PS, sorry no pic's, I don't have a digital camera, but if you go to the P***rNow website, right click on the pic' of the P***rNow, save it to your computer in Your Pictures, then enlarge it, you will easily see how it needs to be made. Dimension's I used were 46mm x 40mm with a small check-out either side of the plate at the carb' end of the 'bell. Be sure to cut slots into your existing carb' bell horizontal with the carb' (slide) when the 'bell is mounted on the carb', as what you think is perfectly horizontal when you are looking at the 'bell in your hand, is not. (You'll see what I mean when it's apart). Just to clarify, I mean to 'mark out' where to cut the slots for the plate to press into, with the 'bell mounted, DO NOT try and cut the slots/grooves with the 'bell mounted. The check-outs in the plate are visible in the pic', and the front edge of the plate protrudes 3mm into the mouth of the carb'. Hope this helps.

Thats great.

Now you could actually help a non technical guy out.


Take loads of pics and maybe list it for me on how you did and in a step by step manner.

I am that clueless at times.

Or you can PM me the procedures.

I would love to have that free mod on my bike.

Do tell me what you say.....

Thanks :)

Nice report Chris.

What did You use for Material?

Did you use any type of index cut or stepped cut on the boot side of the bell to prevent forward movement?

What Mods were done to the Air Screw area, if any? I wonder if cutting the rubber out above the PaJ/MAJ jets, would help?

Thanks for the Testing. :)


I cant work it out, i've always been able to mono my bike easily in 4th and can mono no worries in 5th with the 450f camshaft with 15-50 gearing no clutch fanning.

Steve, my bike has always been able to mono' in any gear also, it's just that my comfort zone on the WR is seated: pop it up in third, standing: pop it up in fourth. With the plate in the carb' bell it just comes up quicker, due to the quicker rise of the rev's, that's all. :)

Hi Harem, after messing with stainless originally, I wound up using aluminium plate in the end, as it was easier to work with. As the plate is sunk into either side of the 'bell in the slots/grooves, (which by the way I used a hacksaw blade to scribe the initial groove, then finished off with a small file.) it is actually a little wider than the intake throat of the carb', so no forward movement is possible, and any possible rearward movement is stopped by the clamp on the airbox boot/snorkel. Besides, it is quite a tight interference fit, I don't think it would move anyway. If you were concerned, you could use some sort of epoxy glue I guess. No mod's at all to the air screw area, not now anyway, one thing at a time. I might look at that though, thanks. :)

DirtDynamics, I will try and get a digital camera and post some pic's in the next couple of days. Can I just add that while this mod' works on my bike, I don't beleive it increases horsepower by any huge amount, it just seems to allow the engine to breathe better, which in turn allows the engine to spin up in RPM more quickly. As Brandon W said, "any increase would be incremental", I just think it lets the engine use the power it already has, more efficiently. I hope that makes sense.

Is this usable for 2-strokes as well?

Hi Chris,

Thanks. I do understand the concept and that it'll help with the airflow and like you said, help the bike breathe better.

Sure. I hope you get the pictures out. I am curious as anyone else on this mod. I'll try to see if i can do it myself too.

While you are at it, you could probably list the materials used and the technique or should i say the overall procedure.

It'll be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again. :)

Is this usable for 2-strokes as well?

Check out Dennis Kirk Catalog.

There is a gizmo called a POWER PACK, part # 18-1691 (page 276, 2002 off road catalog) for 39 mm KEIHIN flat side carbs.

You may be able to see it @

Sorry I haven't responded sooner, but i've been on holidays. I will be visiting a friend with a digital camera tomorrow, i'll try and get some pic's then.

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