05 WR 450 with YZ number plate

Anyone take off their stock headlight and put on a number plate? I hit a tree and broke my light and have decided on a helmet light so I can use it on all my toys and would like to go with a number plate but also keep my trip meter.


I will give you $5 for you help!

I have a YZ number plate on my '05, but I'm not using the stock odo. I'm using a trail tech computer and had to modify a bracket to connect to the YZ number plate. I might have some detailed pictures somewhere, but I have to look if you want to see it.

same here, i had to make my own mounts to space it back to clear the on off switch for starter and my trail tech will try and post some pics later tomorrow as its dark here now

here's some photo's of my yz front number plate and rear fender, and my helpers. The led's are evenly spaced even though the far right one doesn't look it, just the angle i was at. Will get a photo of the brackets i made for front number plate






Its looking like I will need to take off the ODO, will it detach in a way I can reassemble it easily?

On my 2004 i did the same thing by hittings a tree. I ended up using a cycra stadium plate. I took a piece of aluminum stock and tapped both ends. I put a stud in one end to mount to the od and the other end went against the number plate. The bottom of the plate just zip tys to the fork leg.

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