2007 450 rear brake

popped the tube fixed it put it back in and my rear brake isnt really working. its all lined up but i have to push really hadr to stop it. anyone know?

It will. Pump the pedal a few times - make sure pads are seated.

The pedal feel is normal, but the effort needed to stop is higher than normal? Sounds like you contaminated the pads or rotor with something. What did you use as a tire lube?

tire lube? i dont use anything

maybe u twisted the brake hose

how woould i do that? i left the brake in its place

just a thought

Gray, I'm assuming changing pads will fix the contaminated pad problem but what do you do if the rotor is contaminated ?

Clean it with carb cleaner, rough up the surface with some 280 grit, and clean it again with an automotive brake parts cleaner.

check the slave cylinder for grooves sometimes if you compress the slave cylinder it will catch a groove and stick, making it hard to stop, does it drag more too?

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