Utah!! TT ride, Feb 1st

Hey Utah boys!! Planning a ride down south on Feb 1 Saturday. Either go to Ten Mile , San rafeal, or Moab, Whats your take? Should be dry with the way the weather has been (drought). So far their are about six of use planning on leaving friday night, maybe stay in Greenriver, or Hanksville, Or camp if the weather is ok. Leaning toward going to San Rafeal, Lots of real nice single trac, Who's up for it?

Count me as tentative. I'm working in CA during the week, and I have a hard time figuring out my schedule in advance...however, this sounds awesome! Always wanted to check out the Swells...and of course, Moab's always choice...

I'll put it on my calendar...and hopefully work something out with work (and my wife!)... :)



303 526 4369

I'm up for it. Count me in. Keep me posted. ..........db


I'm a possible. I'll let you know.


jayden, I would stay low if your going on the Swell. Still some snow near the Head of Sinbad. Devil's Race Track may be difficult. Coal wash may be okay. The lower stuff near Temple Mt. will be okay. Behind the reef would be good and Chimney Rock would be excellent. I would go, but as you now, my bike is gone. I was out on saturday and rode about 75 miles on the swell.

Oooooooh!!! :) Count me in!!!! Feel free to call with any updates at 556 8082. Thanks

Chris :D

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