milage on stock tank????

i have an uncorked xr 650r 2.6 gal stock tank and wanted to know what kind of mileage people are getting?

thanks jeff

Worse case - 60 mi. , best case 100 mi.

I was able to get about 65mi on an average day of riding in the dez. With the IMS 3.4, I get about 85.


How far does the Clarke 4.2 get you...double the 2.6 I guess is the easy assumption?

My stock tank gets around 60 to 70mi w/ average ridin. On the throttle- maybe 50 to 60mi. IMS 4.6 gal. only used for Baja twice - 110 to 125mi on the throttle alot, don't know for average ridin' cuz we were always on the throttle :) Even stock, uncorked, these bikes don't get good mileage. My XR600 that was tricked out got about the same mileage.

I plan on 25 mpg. After checking after 5 fill-ups I was getting 27-29mpg and just rounded down for Al Gore math. :)


On my uncorked '00, 60 miles if I was on the gas. Trail riding, 80 miles. I got about 27-30mpg with both carbs(stock & Edelbrock).

With the Clarke 100 mi. is pretty reliable. Mine is the style you can see through and it made me aware as to how much fuel stays on the left side of the tank. That is true with the stock tank also.

THANKS to everyone who responded!

I would like to get at least a 100 miles to a tank.

I am looking at the IMS 4.6 or Clarke 4.2 is one better

than the other in quality? anything else i need to know

about either one?

thanks jeff

If you are going for the big jug, I feel that the Clarke is the way to go. Fit & finish are great and the ergo's are fine. Plus it looks better than the IMS IMHO. Nice Package! :)

My 2000 650R has the HRC endcap, manifold, airbox mod and appropriate jetting. Memory tells me I am one tooth bogger in the rear. I've seen over 40mpg on fire roads and 25 mpg on MX tracks. So, over 100 miles of desert and 70 MX miles on a stock tank.

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