need opinion concerning oppsite gender and dirt...

i realize there have been tons of posts concerning "what bike do i buy wife/kids/gf?" etc..., so if you have no opinion, thanks for reading this far, but...

my gf used to ride (old trailbikes when younger) and is now getting back into it cuz of me. retaught her to ride on my quad (mojave) in snow, and after 1 1/2 seasons watching me at the track, she wants to start racing this season in the local track's ladies challenge races.

she 5'5", about 115 lbs, and very overconfident (read COCKY)

she wants a bike, not a quad for safety issues (i guess, i just think theyre more fun personnaly :)) we're currently looking at a 96 kx100 (same seat height/chasis as big wheel kx80) for $1400 obo w/ fmf exhaust and renthals, new top end, and a very extensive knowledge of the past of this particular bike (friend owned it at one pointin past)

i don't think she could handle a 125 yet, be it in the elevation of the seat or snap of the engine.

i support her getting into racing, cuz i'd rather her ride at the track with me where i can keep an eye on her and there's medics available if needed, rather than in woods around trees and other unmoving objects to plaster yourself against. therefore, something with some suspension if needed (i.e. xr and ttr line not not good for jumping)is good, even though i realize they would have much more managable engines, but much more weight.

any opinions are appreciated.


racer36 :D

I guess it would depend on the class. My wife had a 00' KX 100 but she did not race. We sold that and now she has a 02' TTR 152-L. She loves it! Oh, my wife is 5'-6 1/2" 125 lbs.

I can't relate to your wife's height, because I am 5'9" & ride a YZ250F. But if I was your wife's height and weight I think the KX100 would be a real fun bike. I am a fairly agressive woman rider and like 2-strokes as well as 4-strokes. If she is agressive and picks up on things quickly I think it would be a fine choice for her 1st bike.

My daughter used to ride a KX80. I bought her a 96 KX100 because she outgrew the 80. She is actually too big for the KX100 but she wont let me sell it. She loves it. She is 5'5" and only rides occasionally. We ride trails only. She likes the fact that she can touch the ground REAL easy and it is so light. Gives her a lot of confidence. I'd say go for it!

If your wife is aggressive get her the KX, my son at 11yrs old was faster and too agressive for his TTR125L after 2 weeks of riding, I wish that his first bike would have been a KX100, that bike has a real fork and shock, and in the long run would have saved me time and money. Have fun, Mike


She will have a blast with it learning and the best part is you can through awesome power and suspension mods to it and make it better.

Ya the xr-200 for sure

You might want to look at a KDX200 also.

If she has the basics down, the KX100 is the ticket, the power to weight ratio is awesome. :D But it takes more shifting to keep it on the pipe, and has a pretty good hit. :D I have gotten TTR125L for my wife to ride for now as she improves her skills, and she loves it. Eventually, she'll move to the KX and promptly smoke me! :)

You're fortunate that she was already a rider, and you are helping her get back into it. I wouldn't rule out a YZ250F, KDX200, KTM MXC200, etc., if she's moto only.

My wife rides my 250F no problem - and she first rode a motorcycle in March of 2001. We started her on an XR100, then moved her to a TTR125L, which she loves. April of 2002 she got a full size BBR CR/XR220 conversion (1999 CR 125 alum. chassis) and she rips around on that for moto. She's 5'6" and 125lbs. The important thing to remember is to keep her in her comfort zone.

Here's a few pics of my wife riding (I'm so proud): :)

On her BBR...

on my TTR (she wanted to test my Works Performance shock).

At 115lbs, your gf is on the petite side. A bike that can be thrown around confidently is more fun. Check out what some of the hot-shot (meaning really fast) teens that are her size are racing. You will find a lot of very fast 85cc 2-stroke riders I think. And you can always go big-bore. The KX 100 puts you right there already. Since her class is based upon gender rather than cc's and you have a good deal available, I'd say DO IT!

BTW, I agree that bikes are safer than quads if for no other reasons than "which one would you rather see run over or land on her (and this includes her own ride)?". And they will. Few tracks are wide enough if a quad wrecks in the middle of it. Couple that with the poor maneuverability compared to a bike. Most of the serious quad injuries I've witnessed were in large part due to this.

Sounds like she's got spirit! Just don't buy her something she might whup you with! :D :D :) That could get habit-forming and cause marriage!!! :D

thanks a bunch ladies and gents. (roosters and roostets) :D

she sat on my 400 and my dad's 125 over the weekend, and could barely get tip-toes down on it. sat on kx100 when we went ot look at and immediatly told me she would feel safer (which would lead to more fun if nothing else) riding it, which she fit about the same as my 5'9" butt fits my 400 (not quite flat foot on both sides) so we talked it over, and talked the guy down $100, so she is now the owner of a 96 kx100 for $1300. :D

now if only the snow would melt so she can ride it. guess my quad will have to cut it for a little while longer. :D

thanks again for all the input, it was a big help. I knew i could get some good advice here. :D

surprised no-one said to buy her a 450f or kx500 or sumthin just to be a smart-@$$! :):D

thanks again!

racer36 :D

KX100 is a great choice. I had one for my wife, who is the same size as yours wife. She howver wants to do more trails. Her riding ability and clutch skills weren't up to keeping the KX in the power. She did like the size and weight but felt cramped. If your wife begins to feel cramped, here's what you can do: TAG Metals was the only company we found. we got the upper triple clamp and the "Mini Works" bars. It opened the cockpit up a noticable amount for her. Steahly makes a 10oz(?) flywheel that I bolted on and made the bike less poppy and stallable.

We now have a CRF230 for her. We are fighting weight issues and cold weather. When it warms up she should get more comfortable.


ok, my GF does not ride but i she want to get into it. she is 5.1 100 pounds. what should she get to start.


depends what kinda riding she wants to get into. my gf wants to ride mx with me, not so much trails, so it was important to me that she get a mxer. if you ride trails and that's what she wants to do with you (or you wanna do with her) then target your search there.

best thing to do is to go to local dealers and have her sit on bikes to see what fits best and feels most comfortable.

for trails at 5'1", 100 lbs., i'd say probably xr100. they can be had affordably used, or maybe even a ttr125 or drz/klx125.

if you're looking mx, then prob. an 80 (or possibly an 80 bigwheel). kx has the most docile engine (powervalve) but older rms (pre-00 i think) have the lowest seat height. cr's lack bottom end. not good beginner IMO, but a reliable bike none-the-less.

no matter what you choose, it's important that it's her decision, because she'll be the one riding it and therefore must feel comfortablee before she can start to learn and have fun wit ya. you can offer advice, but don't push anything on her that she doesn't feel ready for or comfortable with cuz you know she'll outgrow or out-ride it in a matter of weeks. that's what the used bike market is for. you can always buy and sell till you find the right one.

good luck! :)

racer36 :D

TTR125 or TTR125L. Very fun bikes. It's small and tame enough for her in stock form but there are many mods available too. Lots of action on the TTR board so there is plenty of advice available. Look at or TTR125L has bigger wheels and a disk front brake.

We rode the TTR125L and KLX125L. My wife is a little taller and heavier than yours so the CRF230 fit her very well. I'm not sure if you have problems jumping to the red side, but the CRF150 will smoke a TTR or KLX 125L. We rode them all the same day. BBR has so many mods for the CRF150 (rev box, pipe, springs) that for power she probably won't run out. Infact, I think you can bore the 150 out to damn near the 230. the 2 bikes are on the same frame. We went with the 230 for the e-start and the larger wheels---something to seriously consider if sand, mud or rocks are likely for her.

Again, the used bike market is there for this sort of thing. If you get her something YOU want to screw around on, it may be too much for her, ie, not fun and scary, and you lost her interest and wasted $. :)

Oh yea, you now will have twice as much maintenence and parts to mess with. :D

But afterall, you can have more time in the garage peacefully wrenching if you can say you are working on HER bike :D It worked for me and the dogs :D

We considered the crf150, but it is too heavy...216 lb dry!!! Compare this to the 172 lb TTR125L. All that weight only gets you 2 more hp (11 vs. 9). Plus..the crf is new this year so if I wanted one, I would have had to pay full bore retail close to $3K. I was able to find a slightly used 02 TTR125L for $1700. Non L versions can be had for less! IMHO, don't buy new. This board is full of people that thought their wife/gf might like to get into biking but then the bike just sits there. Get something nice but used like an XR100, TTR125 so you don't get screwed if you have to sell it.

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