New 06 WR450 Owner (pics)

Ok guys finally back to riding blue again...loved that XR650R but just too damn heavy for me.

Previous owner didnt give me much information so not sure if he did all the work himself or not. He did say he had NOT cut the grey wire but I'm noticing what looks like AIS eliminated and something else removed (blue boot in picture) as well as cut the air box.

It seems jetted well and runs like a bat out of hell even with the sparky in the exhaust which I just removed.

What do you guys think?

Do those snorkels need to be removed?


What is this blue thing covering?





Valve cover coming off next to check those after she's good and cleaned...dirty as hell when I brought her home.

Also I noticed one of the throttle cables have been eliminated as well.

This normal?

I would put the other throttle cable in and it looks like a caveman did your ais removal:lol:

I agree. Put the other cable back on and get an AIS plug kit. That pipe looks horrible! Looks like the other owner put on a wave rotor on the back, cool! Yes, take out the snorkels. Show new pictures when you're done putting it back together.

Should be a good machine.....I agree, a new throttle cable is 30 some dollars and it nearly eliminates a stuck throttle. Make sure the throttle stop is cut to the right length also. Interesting he put a wave rotor on the rear but didn't unplug the exhaust. Maybe he had a pipe on on it. The snorkel can be reomved and a homeade clip can be made for the battery tie biggy. Other worthwhile upgrades woudl be a slip on pipe (I luv my fmf powecore 4), an 05 yz exhaust cam to name a few. But if it is running good, no need to change a lot.

Fullbore you missed the other pictures. It does have the FMF pipe on it already.

With the AIS tube looks like absolute ass but its crimped well and heavily soldered with brass solder.

Next question, how can I tell if the throttle stop has been changed or cut? What is the length of the YZ stop and the WR stop?

edit: NVM found it. Now just to see if the grey wire is done.

I have a q4 as well. I wish it were a bit more quiet though. It's quiet compared to others brands and models though. Take of that sticker on the pipe. It will eventually fall of and leave an ugly mess on it. If it's been real hot already it may be too late.

Probably too late, previous owner was a real rider and that pipe has been on there for over a year in the Vegas heat and desert riding.

Sticker is definately coming off though.

Just gotta find myself somewhere that I can get a YZ front/rear fender and a new set of OEM decals.

I have a YZ rear fender on my 05 and it works, you just have to cut out slots for the overflow tank.

looks like the the airbox already has the holes cut in the side as well. thast's some fine handy work on the ais pipe

The blue boot or cap is part of the process of disabling the AIS system and should be there.

Thanks for the info guys. I pulled my throttle stop and instead of cutting it down to YZ size its hacked all the way down to the threads.

Gonna just need to order a full AIS kit with a YZ throttle stop screw and replace it all.

All in all though I would say its a good deal. Compression is still well within specs, valves are within spec, chain, sprockets and tires are good. Battery is fresh and she starts VERY easy and runs great. Just some tiddying up to do from some shadetree work before.

For frame paint do you guys in general use the Yamaha stuff straight from Colorrite or is there a cheaper place to get it?


GO buy a YZ throttle stop before your throttle sticks open. you cut it to far.

I didnt cut it thats just what I found from the previous owner.

Ok I've done some searching but havent found what I was looking for. Where can I get a full set of stock decals?

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