tar and feather


Buy Canadian and forget the mods :)

whats up with the canadian modles?

they are canadian. need i say more!


JK chuck

You have to mix Yukon Jack with the gas to make those canadian WR's move!

no throttle stop or gray wire, and we mix Canadian Club with our gas not that sissy Yukon Jack :) Also Canadian bikes can be a lot cheaper when you do the exchange

Hi! Im new at this fourm and my friend told me you guys were good. SO, here i am. Well anyway i just got a WR426 with 0 miles on it and would like to know ALL the free mods you can doto it, how to do them, and once they are all done jetting sugestions. I live in New England if that helps at all. Thats in advance for all ur replys. and i look forward to coming to this board more oftin.


I know I'm risking a virtual tar and feathering, but I'm going to say it anyway: try searching the the WR400/WR426/WR450 General Discussion Forum for what you are looking for. There's a lot of good stuff already out there. Someone else may have some suggestions as to what search terms you should try, but here's a short list:

Gray wire

BK mod

Jetting Q's

Throttle stop

Airbox lid


Rich's list is good.

I'll add YZ timing to the list.

As far as other mods that you need to highly consider (may not be free)? NE is full of rocks! Skid plate and radiator guards would be a good idea. I personally use Moose Skidplate and Devol guards, but anything except works connection will do you fine.

If you ride a lot of water holes, do the carb vent breather mod and head vent T mod. Seal savers and the Ty Davis Magnetic drain plug are worth their weight in gold.

Chances are if you came from a KLX, the throttle stop, airbox lid and exhaust plug is probably going to be enough satisfy you for ahile. After you get comfortable, switch to better jetting, YZ timing and YZ style (OEM is fine) pipe.

One VERY important thing that you should note! All, yes all your bearings are dry from the factory! Tear the entire bike down BEFORE YOU RIDE IT! Sorry to bear the bad news, but after you do the job you'll be VERY GLAD you did!

Have fun with your new bike. You're going to love it compared to the KLX

Your best friend on this site is Mr Search.

He will help you turn up all sorts of stuff you were afraid to ask about... Your bike will love you forever if you listen to his advice...

Just don't get him started on oil or jetting - not yet anyway - because that is the dark, argumentative side of his personality... :):D

Good luck, and happy riding...


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