Yamaha guys always respond!

Hello Sitting here in a cold sweden!

After a few beers! so I and a couple of buddies sit and outlines on a trip to the U.S. next year.

Now to my question!

Can I rent a motorcycle to gncc?

If not, there is no other race you can rent dirbikes?

Adventure Travel?

Desert Race?

Do you have any suggestions want to go dirt bike in the usa!



I looked into renting bikes some years ago and didn't have any luck. That was a while ago though and could have changed. Sorry, not much help I'm afraid. Perhaps Google will have more info?


I will see if I can find something.

it would be fun if we could race in the usa!

it is expensive to bring the dirt bike to the usa

When you figure out where in the US you want to go... check out the regional forums and start asking. You might even get some fellow TT'rs to set you up with some bikes..

Summer time - Deserts are obviously hot and dusty but that may appeal to you.

The Pacific Northwest Oregon / Idaho / Washington state, all have epic mountain riding in the summer and decent off road racing series.

Good Luck :worthy:

I know there are some dirt bike rental places here in AZ but I doubt they'll let you 'race' the bike. Some good riding here as long as it's not summer.

I know of two south african guys riding GNCC in USA, but they are sponsored, Lourens Mahoney and Kenny Gilbert, here's a link to their website, im sure they will be glad to assist with info:


If your race rental comes up dry there are a few rental companies running EXCs in the Mid West. Search for "dual sport rental". With the right guide i bet you may be happy.

I'll bet Scott Harden can go fast enough to entertain you and i'm sure there's others. The locals can surely add more.

Bike rental for a GNCC might take an individual and a huge deposit.

How long would you come for ? Because if it was a month or more I would think your best bet would be to buy a used late model bike and then sell it cheap before returning.

My guess is it would be alot less than a rental and you can race without worrying about wrecking someone elses bike.

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