WR450F's unaccounted for, post here.

Cycle Sports Center in Orlando has one WR450 still in the crate. The sales manager said it's not spoken for yet and it's the only one they're getting this year as far as he knows. He ripped open the crate for me to take a look at it.

I touched it. It was good.

I think your dealer has a cranial-rectal-inversion.

Go down there with a toilet plunger and help him pull his head out. Once he sees the light again, maybe he'll find your missing bike.

Where i didn't find one yet. :)

I called the two places on Cycle Trader. The first one in North Ohio "Honda East" will have them in in April. They said they were sold out till then. Did not think to ask if they had seen one yet. I could not get through to the other one. Got a message saying not a consealed call or somthing to that effect.

I think it's FUNNY! Yamaha has everyone by the NUTS! Its released....no its not.....ok now it is.......oh now it doesn't exist....but the guy down the street just got his!!!! BAAHAAAHAAA. This sh!t is too funny. What a freakin marketing idea. HYPE it up then trickle em down. I gotta go ride... have fun waiting :D:)

Yes Cisco that is usually the case with a new and great bike.So you say the DRZ is the wife's bike? :)

Honda/Yamaha of Redlands (California). 909-793-2833. They called me today and offered me a WR450 that just came in. I didn't even have a deposit, but was in last week and expressed interest. Maybe available? Would have grabbed it but was in the process of buying the first WR450 from Bert's Mega Mall in Covina, CA. I placed a deposit there months ago and they have about almost 20 people on the waiting list after me. I can't believe the Redlands dealer doesn't have a waiting list.

So you say the DRZ is the wife's bike?

SMD you're killin' me! hehe... :)

To all you guys who reckon you have one - your game is up... :)

I have just realised you are all Yamaha employees, in the marketing department no less, and have a background in software sales - so the WR450 is just vapourware really... :D

David, happy with an 02 fitted with Auto Decomp

Looks like we got another Honda Troll in here claiming he bought a WR450 in California and already has a recall bulletin on the clutch..... You guys better pile on em.

"First Recall of the WR450"...

or maybe my dealer was telling the truth the whole time. I luv apologies.

Ya know, I bought 3 bikes all at the same time back in '01 from one of the biggest dealerships in the Phoenix metro area. I wasn't real knowledgeable on the going prices and what fees to expect to pay, etc. (I a had not found TT yet :)). The salesman had me pretty convinced that I was getting a pretty good deal, what with buying 3 at one time. Course with it being the premier of the baby F, I had to have one and I probably would have believed just about anything he told me while I had my wife down there agreeing to go ahead with such a big purchase.

I still kick my self when I think about how badly I got reamed and how much misinformation that salesman fed me the whole time. :D

On the other hand, "maybe my dealer was telling the truth the whole time". :D

The YZ clutch problem has been acknowledged for some months now, and Yamaha have a bulletin about it... but having a service bulletin about a clutch issue and totally stopping production are two different matters...

The WR and YZ are pretty closely related... what goes with one usually goes with the other... Yamaha see fit to have the clutch problem rectified at a dealer level, not an international level.

I always get at least two opinions about things - The Honda/Suzuki dealer in town always badmouths other bikes, the Yamaha/Kawasaki dealer isn't like that... We all need to be able to look through the smoke and realise when mirrors are being used... Try another dealer for a different story...

This thread is being watched closely, and will be shut down if it doesn't pull itself up to standard very soon...


Hey Bama, that "honda" guy owns a couple of Yamahas. Anyhow, you were claiming that the bikes were not going to be available for months. Some sort of production hold. A tech bulletin or recall is not a production hold. People have had their bikes for over a week now. Just a thought, maybe your dealer sold your bike out from under you to a buddy and is making this story up so you don't beat his azz? I may be wrong about that, but I was right about the bikes arriving this month. Take it easy.

There are many many crates of WR450's in the Atlanta Distribution warehouse.....

My Parts manager got a peek this morning when picking up parts......He was told that SE Distribution has already begun.....

ALabama is supported out of this center....

Bonzai :)

I'm going to talk to my dealer tomorrow. Hope he tells me mine is on it's way. I'm second on the list, but he is supposed to be getting three on his first shipment. He normally drives to Atlanta and picks them up himself, but sometimes just gets them shiped. The roads are clear now, just 5 degrees this morning. There's no reason for him not to have one Saturday.

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