Where to find the VIN number? TT500

Just inherited a TT500. I'm trying to find the VIN # so I can find out what year it is for sure. The engine case says 1T1 231906 and the steering head has the same #. I have never seen this before. I'm used to the VIN # looking completely different. I'm told that it's a 1977 but not sure. It doesn't have the stock fuel tank so I can't go by that for year. Two local Yamaha dealers said the #'s didn't come up.


It may be a 1979 TT500. The frame number starts out as 1t1-200101.

1978 1t1-100101

1977 1t1-000101

Thank you!

just looked at the numbers on my 79' and they are 200246.also does it have a aluminum swingarm and leading axle forks?

It does have an alum. swingarm. As far as the forks are concerned, I have no idea what leading axle forks means. Sorry, every bike that I've owned since about 1990 has had upside down forks. I'm not real familiar with these convention forks. Thanks for the help. I inherited this bike and have very little knowledge about it. It's in really good shape and has been stored inside for the last 20+ years. It's pretty original (I think) except for the Clarke plastic gas tank.

I just wanted to comment on the #'s matching, my #s match and my 71 yamaha.

Post some pictures if you get a chance:ride:

I'll sell it cheap if anyone is interested. I'm in Sacramento, Ca. It is way better than the one's that I see that are to be restored. I think this would cause a lot less headaches, money and time to complete. The bike has 0 rust and is almost complete. Only missing the left footpeg and rear brake lever and arm. Send me a PM if interested. I can e-mail a picture.

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