06 450f Front Tire Survey

I was wondering if anyone had tried a Bridgestone M403 on the front of their 450?? I read a big rave on it in Dirt Rider about a year ago....not sure if it was all hype or promo, or what. If you have tried them did you like the tire and how do they last? I've had Dunlop 742FA's and a 755 on the bike and like them both fine, but they really didn't wear that well.



I have used pirelli tires they have been the best handiling and wear ok but handle awesome.

On the 06 450, and most other heavier 4 strokes, I detested the 742a and thought the 755 was okay. The 403 was a much more confidence-inspiring tread for me.

As someone else stated, the Pirelli Scorpion Pro (non XT version) works great, but on a 450 it chunks easily in my riding area (mix of everythnig) and wears out kinda fast.

403 front works very well. Intermediate to hard conditions is excellent and wear is excellent. It does not work so good in soft conditions. I found that the 203 front actually works great in intermediate, hard and soft conditions. But if you mostly ride harder conditions the 403 is perfect.

I used the bridgestone for the first time at Glenn Hellen and they worked excelent. for Soft serface.

For everything else i use the dunlope 755 front asom tire and also the 756 rear is hard to beat.

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