wr over size tank question

looks like a stock wr tank with dirt on it to me

It is not the stock WR tank. It is hard to tell if it is Acerbis, IMS or Clark. Best bet is to contact the seller. Also, the caps can be a problem price wise. Lastly, this is, as I assume you know, just an academic exercise--- the auction is over for this item.

thanks for the replys guy i won this auction for what i thought was a over size wr tank.

the seller has now told me its a stock wr tank and that he ment it to be a over size tank for a yzf.

will a yfz tank with a wr then? thought the rad scoops were different

both bikes are 05 models

see Baja Fool Im right.Say it. Im right.Go on. Say it


It's tacky to fish for compliments. Minty0_10 says that you are right, however.


The radiator shrouds for 2003-2005 YZF450's and 2005-2006 WR450F's share the same part number, they are interchangeable.

thank you Baja Fool

It's tacky to say that it's tacky to fish for compliments.

its tacky to call something tacky

I thought that too

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