WR450 2006 wont start.

Hi to you all, i need help, i have wr450 2006, it wont start, it started to back fire on the trail then stopped all to gether, we had a poke around when we got it back home and the bike does have a spark but wont run, my brother also has the same bike so we changed the sparkplug top egnition coil and it started, now it wont go again, also my brother bike wont go, seems we have stuffed up that coil to.

Does any body out there have any idea what could be breaking down the plug/coils like that.

Thanks John

when my 08 backfires,it runs out of gas,check that.

Check for spark. My coil was out.

Thanks guys for having a look, we seem to have got it sorted, we swaped every thing electrical over from one bike to the other except the wire loom, still nothing, so we had a good look at the wire loom, bingo, seems to be a bad conetion in the little 2 pin plug on top of the spark plug/coil cap, so just need to get a new one.

Thanks John

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