Teardown bike for new season--what to do

I want to tear down my 85 hour bike for a new season.

What all do you guy's do.

Is it cheeper to buy seal and bearing kits.

Should i do just the wheel bearings

New plastic and grafic's kit--Tire's--grips--exc. are all standard stuff

Motor new chain----rings----set valve lash.

Pack the pipe

Suspention rebuild ( Has already been revalved )

I need some more idea's

powder coat ur frame

powder coat ur frame


repack all bearings,singarm, stearing head,forks-oil change, check valves, and you got the rest.

powder coat its like paint kinda but its stronger

How much does it typically cost to powder coat a bike?

depends like 250 depending on what u get done

I could have it powercoated, i know a guy that will do it for me.

What color and why do you do it.

Is it just for looks

I doing to same thing getting ready for Mini O's. I am getting my suspension redone, new tires, plastic graphics, greasing all the bearings, and the motor is fresh, I won't mess with it until christmas.

repack all bearings,singarm, stearing head,forks-oil change, check valves, and you got the rest.


all bearings.

Fork service - replace dust seal/fork seal. new oil.

Shock service - New oil, proper nitrogen pressure, and seal.

Take the opportunity while these are out of the bike to put in the right size springs is necessary

Check your valves as rex said

Check all engine seals.

Verify that all clutch plates are good and still in spec.

check for any frame cracks or subframe cracks.

Check all bolts and torque/locktite as necessary.


maintain the spokes and balance of the wheels.

bleed the brakes - new fluid!

lube cables.

any jetting of the carb while everything is apart. make sure all jets are clear and just a basic carb clean to verify everything is functional replace any seals if they show signs of wear.

flush cooling system

should keep you bust for a while.

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