Swingarm bolt removal for greasing

Hi, i spoke earlyer of the greasing prosedures for an brand new bike before the first drive and other vise its sounds as an good idea but the swing arm bolt is perfectly sealed and wery tuff to take out and i am thinking of mayby skip the removal for the posible damage for the bolt...because these mechanics here dont give a dam, and might just use some big screwdriver and sledge-hammer and just beat the crap out of the bolt to get it out and after that i might face the possibilty of having to replace the bolt eawen minor damages are allowing dirt and water to get in the bearings...not worth it



Good Question

Do you have a manual

Need to take the preasure off of the swing arm from the shock pushing on it.

sorry i am not much help

OH and check to make sure there is no side play when you get done.

And maybe i have understood it wrong and the BIG swingarm bolt doesent need to punched out, that the greasing is only for the outer bearings...

i read the prosedures on paper but havent seen that particular thing in a picture...:worthy:

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