new wr450

I just picked up my new wr450 I had ordered in June. I had the dealer mount up a set of S12 michelins and I'm going to get it muddy tomorrow, so they are starting to arrive.

By all means, if you get pictures, post them so us northlanders can see what non-frozen mud looks like again, oh yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing a 450 in action too. I can't find enough pictures of the WR450!

It's like a bacon and egg biscuit, it just looks good! :)

Whereabouts do you plan the initiation rites?

going to a place I've been riding for over 30 years, the calahan mountains its covered with countless miles of dirt roads and nasty single track trails some of which I've had a hand in building. I had an awesome ride today with a couple of friends got it covered in mud and never even fell down, I was very impressed with my first ride on the wr I know I'm going to love it, the magic button was great,stalled it once in a deep rut hit the button and I'm on my way great low end power its a tractor.well back to the garage to look at that awesome new blue bike parked there, it was worth the wait!

Oregon, Where you ride is probably similiar to the Southeast. Lots of thick woods, with ruts, and mud, and hills and sand. How does it turn in the tight stuff??

Do you know the weight? How good is the low end power? I am used to XR650, and am hoping for same low-end...


That's for sure where we ride. I am like you, give me the grunt and thump for a slime climb. I think he is central or Eastern Oregon. Central Oregon is 4-5,000 ft elevation and they are desert like. There are a lot of trees. They tend to be more pine as the fir and cedar likes the lower elevation of western Oregon.

But since the rider is "oregonmudder" my geography class is over and we need him to answer.

I'm in south western oregon about 500 ft. elevation lots of rain slime mud and ruts. the wr450 worked great on the maiden ride. lots of low end you can lug it like a tractor,have not had a chance to weigh it but it doesn't feel any heavier than my kx500. it holds a line great in the corners and goes where you point it. :)

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