Radiator repair

Just went to pick up my radiator from the repair guy after 2 months of waiting. The f*%$ing thing was still bent to hell and some of the radiator fins were cut off so he could weld one of the tubes back in!!!!! It wasn't even mountable! This idiot wanted to charge me for the radiator and its still useless! You would think after 2 months (supposedly because he was waiting on parts) he would get it repaired nicely. Guess I should have sent it to Mylers in Utah in the first place but I thought I would give a local in Colorado Springs some business. AHHHHH! I'm ready to kick some ass! :):D :D :D :D :D :D

I might still have to send it to Mylers to get it right after I have him straighten it out.

Any suggestions about the fins and whether I should expect this guy to just charge me for parts?

Sorry but I needed to vent, 2 months off my bike is torture.

mylers, mylers and mylers.

Wicked, I bet $70.00 for some nice rad. guards sounds pretty cheap about now. Good luck

True. I had zip ty rad guards, but they don't protect the radiator from getting a rock shoved through it. I have devol rad guards now...well on one side so far. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new radiator now. The Devol rad guards probably would have saved the radiator. Oh well, live and learn.

Which side do you need? I might have an extra left side from my '02 wr 426. I have two, both are tweaked and I am sending them both to Myler's this week. I will mount one and sell the other if both come back satisfactory. Both are real low miles and bent, not broken, anywhere. Send me a mssg if you are interisted.

A radiator shop that has little or no experience with aluminum motorcycle radiators will just ruin them. Mylers sounds like they know what they are doing. So does Fontana Radiator in Fontana, California. Also Shirley Design in Huntington Beach, Ca.

I am told, however, that some repairs require ruining some of the fins between the cores. And they can't replace them at this point. But the radiators still work.

A good shop will return them pretty straight, too. Maybe not perfect, but probably better than you would think.

Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for the offer, but I need the right side radiator. As long as this radiator is halfway straight and has been pressure tested when I get it back again, I will probably keep it as a spare. I'm not sure I will trust it on long rides though, so I'm looking for a new one or one that is in a lot better condition than this repaired one. Any ideas on the cheapest place to find a new one?

Hey Wicked, WHERE did you take your rad too???????? Couldn't have been Dennis Burk in Brighton..............right :).

Dodger :D :D

No I took it to Manly Radiator, Dennis probably would have done a better job.

Aaawwwh MAN, I told you (j/k) :D...........

I'm sure Mylers does fantastic work, but IF you want to just drive it somewhere, I highly recommend Dennis (3 day turn around, very professional work, great prices)!!! FWIW

Uuoo, I suppose it's too late, they pretty much screwed up your rads, right........

Hope your up soon man...........


Dodger :):D

Mylers does Great Work!!!

I had my right side bent pretty good.

I sent it to him and on the same day it arrived it was fixed and sent back to me, I got it 2 days later in perfect condition and my shroud fit just fine.

He charged me 35.00 to fix it

Mylers is the way to go :)

The dealer wants 281.00 for them, but there are places on the Web for about 220.00.

Ive checked them all, Mylers was my best bet.

Mylers Mylers Mylers

When I opened the box, I thought they had screwed up and sent me a new radiator. AWESOME work & service

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