trail tech question !!

i just ordered a trail tech endurance for my WR450 . i have 3 questions.

1st. anyone have any problems with how quick the TT store responds to there orders?

i ordered mine on the 16th(yesterday) and had it 2nd day aired which to me would mean i would get it saturday but i don't think saturday counts so i should get it monday. either way it should have been shipped and it hasn't yet!!

2nd. how long does the battery last?

3rd. is it waterproof ?

I have found that Trail Tech is VERY FAST.

I ordered one through the TT store, and I received it from TrailTech BEFORE TT sent me a notice saying that it had been shipped! (TrailTech is located in Washington state, so a ground package gets here the next day, and I am sure that helped a little bit!)

2. Don't know how long the batteries last, but I bought my personal unit last May and the original battery is still going strong.

3. Mine has ridden through rain, stays on the bike when I wash it after each ride, and I am experiencing no problems. I think that they say their units are "water resistent" but I could be wrong. If so, it is because they are water PROOF.

4. You got a great bike and a great speedometer!

I ordered one through TT and received it very quickly. This was about ten months ago. I now use a ICO enduro comp. If the guy thats buying my 250 doesn't want it I would sell it with the billet mount.

I bought mine at the egining of summer and it is still going strong.

I have seen mine go wacko when ridding in extremely wet conditions. By wacko I mean the spedo was reading like 167mph and the odometer reading was way off from what it should be.

But once it dries out it works fine. I wonder if it is the two metal contacts on the back getting wet and arcing screwing up the readings.

Otherwise I love mine. Its a little slugish in cold temps. And by cold I mean like 20 deg. I was ice riddin last weekend and it was a little slow.

Oh yea. DONT wash it with simple green. It will eat the scratch resistant coating and make the display fog up. Take it off b4 washing with any detergent cleaner. Power washing shouldn't hurt it. Just keep detergents away from it.

Trail teck can get very wet, not under water. The battery will last for approx. 1.5 yrs. The battery with the unit has been on since it was built so its life will be shorter. Its a great unit.

My order also took about 2 days to get precessed. It's not big deal for me as I prefer supporting this great site. I have learned so many things here, so I'm giving this 2 days by heart :) However it will be nice to know that in advance.


I'm curious did you talked to them and if so what did they said about that?



Thank you for your inquiry regarding your order status. Please note that your order was not received until Thursday, January 16th at 6:27 pm PST (see attachment) and our UPS shipments are picked up at 4:00 pm PST. Also please refer to our shipping policy (specifically items 7 and 8), which I am copying below:

ThumperTalk Shipping Policy

1.Minimum freight charge is $3.79 (US) for all orders.

2.Freight is charged based upon actual costs plus $3.00.

3.All packages are shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS).

4.UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and 3-Day Select service are available for an extra charge.

5.For Next day, 2nd day, or 3-Day Select, UPS charges them as "dimensional" which is also more expensive than standard packages. Therefore, it is possible that the shipping charge projected at the end of your checkout process will not be precise. Because of this, please expect to pay more for shipping charges when purchasing oversize items.

6.UPS Real-Time lookup may be available to approximate shipping cost(s); customer is responsible for actual shipping cost(s).

7.When selecting an air shipment method, contact us ( to verify that the items you ordered are in stock.

8.Orders normally ship within 48 hours (weekends excluded).

9.Shipping outside the US can be made Parcel Post if desired. Call us for your exact shipping charge.

Allow up to 14 days for delivery

Your item will ship on Monday morning and we have changed the shipping to UPS Ground per your request. We do not charge credit cards until items are shipped, so you will not be charged for the 2nd Day Air Freight. Please feel free to reply to this email if you would like a shipping method other than UPS Ground.

ThumperTalk Order Fulfillment Team

ThumperWR450, I just sent you a private message regarding this as well as leaving a phone message for you. Please know that we will NOT treat you with and attitude of indifference, and that we will do what is necessary to make sure you're a happy guy. My contact info is included. I look forward to speaking with you.



Although shipping is closed today (for the MLK Jr. holiday), we are going to drive to the warehouse (70 mile roundtrip) so that we can ship your parcel to you overnight at NO additonal cost.

However, please understand that when you choose 2nd day air, that is two days of *shipping time* and does not include any processing time. Our current shipping policy states that we shoot for 48 hours to get a product shipped. Since your order was placed after the shipping cut off time on Thursday the 16th, and today is a holiday, Friday the 17th and Tuesday the 21st are the 48 hours we promise. Bottom-line, had we shipped on Tuesday, we'd still have fulfilled on what our shipping policy promises. By shipping overnight tonight, we're actually beating the time we promise!

Regardless, I know that most consumers feel like they are going to have to fight to get what they need. I'm a consumer too, so I know what this is like. But, please, give us the benefit of the doubt and drop us a line if you have any questions/concerns. We take care of our customers and treat them with respect and courtesy. We surely know that you can use our own discussion forums against us if we choose to screw someone, but also understand that you can do damage to us, even if we have not had the chance to response to your concerns.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to drop me a line at Cheers!

Bryan Bosch


ThumperTalk Inc.

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