riding the 450 WR

Well it's a rough job, but somebody has to do it!!!!! Tonight after dinner I am going to disconnect the grey wire and then tomorrow I am going to have to go ride it. Things are tough all over. I guess I'll have to grit my teeth and just do it for the good of all TTrs. I WILL post either Saturday afternoon or sometime on Sunday just what I think. Jim

Alabamy says it's all a figment of your imagination.

The WR450 does not exist.

No doubt, it's all done with smoke and mirrors.


come on guys, give him a brake. I want one so bad I can taste the rooset. :D I can't get one till March, as my dealer says. I have even been talkin to the KTM dealer on the KTM450 EXC. I looked at the WR450 in Aug at LL. It's nice, but I want to ride one, and if not soon, KTM for me. :)

Got mine too. Are you experiencing an off idle popping in gears and excessive backfring? I am on the WR450. Feels like a lean pilot jet. What do you think? I have the new WR450 torn down to add all the 02' aftermarket goodies from my 02' WR426. So far the 02' FMFQ, R4 and other parts are bolting on. Soon something won't fit.

HighPlains -

Did you say the 02 FMF Q Pipe was a bolt on ?? Would you recommend me ordering one now for the WR450 ?? I am expecting mine any day now. I sure would like to know for sure that it goes right on.

Rainman :)

All Right, Here goes what little I know now. When the bike is cold, with the choke out the starter cranks, & cranks, & cranks, Finally it will start. Probably will get easier after it is broken in more (I hope).

I only put 28 miles on it but what a ride!!!! The one major difference that I see between the 450 & my 400, is just like the magzines said on the YZ. NO 4 STROKE Engine braking.. Acts a lot like a 2 smoke. Not bad, just differant from what I am used to. It seems to have lots of low end grunt & not once did it try to stall.

Suspension is much more plush than my 400 but it's 3 years old.. The seat is pretty hard but not quite like a brick but some where between a brick a& a the stock foam on my 400. I replaced it with soft foam from Graffic fx.

I changed the oil this morning & didn't find any metal in the filter, that was a real nice surprise.

I will be returning it to Steahly Off Road tomorrow so that he can do the flywheel weight thing for those of us who like tractor type grunt.

I have already "

1 Cut the throttle stop.

2 Added bark busters w/maier hand cups

3 Changed the bars & grips

4 Lowered the seat hight

5 Added a LED tail light bulb

6 Installed TM Designworks chain guide & slider

7 Changed to a Zip Ty Magnetic drain plug

Now I am impatiently waiting for a dualsport kit.


How did you lower the seat height ?

I lowered the seat by running the forks up till they almost touch the handlebars and then took alot of the pre-load out of the shock.. It brought it down about 1 1/2 inches.which for now raises my confidence until the suspension wears in some and I can then put more of the pre-load back in.


5 Added a LED tail light bulb

Jim, What's that all about? Sounds pretty cool. I know that diodes draw way less current than the incondesents.


I recommend you the Thunder-Alley plug in just incredible on the YZ. lots of low end improvement

Great!!! I'll get mine in one week and have all the aft mkt stuff. Did you get radiator guards and skid plate? If so What brand?

thanks.....I'm getting crazy trying to develop Samurai patience

I added the LED tail light bulb not only because it's cool, but because it draws less juice and is not nearly as easily broken in crashes.

To TT Newbie,

I forgot to list as number eight that I also swapped my home made Baja Baffle in the exhaust. I like a relatively quiet bike, not some thing that you can hear coming for 20 miles or 20 minutes.

And for number nine, I removed the baffle inside of the air box, More air in, more exhaust out....


Jim, where do you get them? How much?


I got mine from Steahly Off Road, He has a web site.


What did the tail light cost you?

Does it have a brake light too?

I don't have an aftermarket skid plate yet or radiator guards, The LED tail light was $20.00 and it has the double prongs so it can be used as a brake light. It is the LED replacement for an 1157 bulb.


I got my 1157 LED taillight bulb for $5.95 at Discount Auto Parts. It plugs right into the regular bulb socket and has both running and brake light "filaments".

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