oil plug Stripped!

well,i have a 2002 wr2426f and i don't know if im too strong or just wasn't feeling its tightness. but to get to the point, the oil plug is not tightning as i messed it up good. i did not cross thread, just overtightened it. took on last turn when it was getting tight then it spun!:worthy: i am kinda freaked out cause this has never happened to me before....i hope this is not the end of the world, but right now i feel like it is. any ideas how to make right, doesn't tighten, took out oil plug bolt from bottom of motor on 2002 wr426f, metal thread were on the bolt.

friend is a metal fabricator, but i want to get as many ideas before he looks at it tomorrow! thanks all.


Happend to me about a month ago.

Just used green lotctite on the bolt and just started to use the other oil plu gin the sump instead, the smal one.

Your going to have to get it Helicoiled.

A timesert is probably the best way, I've done my 426 with one and should last forever. Google Timesert, they are a little pricey but will be done right. Mike

I second the timesert idea, much better than a helicoil, we use them on automotive oil pans quite often with great sucess

I dont know how the 426 drain, but I did this on my 2006 yz450f. I lost my mind at first but ended up going the helicoil route. I drain my oil about twice a week and havent had a problem since:ride:

I ended up not finding a helicoil the right size..so Thanks to my buddy oPAULo we just tapped it bigger to a 1/2*20 which was like thirty thousandths bigger...worked great. oil holds..no leak so far ...i flushed and put some 10w/40 for a few minutes then flushed again, put the good stuff in her..silcolene pro 4 sx..15w/50...runs better than it ever has..quiet too!

thanks to all whom helped!

On to the next project..building a stand..haha

Use a timesert. They are the best. I use them in my shop all the time in the automotive field. Helicoils are junk.

I love my 08 YZ450F, but the one thing that really pisses me off is the location of the second drain plug. The frame rail sits a mere inches away from the head of the drain bolt, so it's almost impossible to get a torque wrench on it. It sits up in far enough that I still can't get my torque wrench on it even with a crows foot :thumbsup: I don't trust myself with a regular open end wrench, because I like my stuff snug and I'm worried I'm going to strip this thing too eventually.

Heli-Coils are not junk, by any means, but Time-Serts do have several advantages, especially when used to repair holes for oil-sealing bolts like drain plugs.

The two major advantages are that the Time-Sert is better adapted to use in a threaded hole where the bolt will be repeatedly removed and replaced. If a Heli-Coil is not installed correctly, or if some care is not used in removing or restarting the bolt, the coil can be damaged.

Time-Serts also deal effectively with the need for the top of the hole to be square with the bore so that the drain plug washer will seal correctly.

OTOH, Heli-Coils are slightly harder, and won't back out with the bolt under almost any condition.

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