Suspension Service Intervals

What is everybody doing for suspension service intervals? I have an 01 426 that has 15 months of active riding. How often do you guys change the oil in the suspension, and what else are you doing? Linkage service, etc.

Linkage, swingarm bearings (and steering bearings) are critical.

I do mine 2X/season.

I blew off my CR250 swingarm bearings. After 2 years, I had to squeeze a hack saw at 4 pivot points of the swingarm to SAW the pivot pin into pieces, so I could pull out the swingarm. The pivot pin was completely seized in the swingarm. I pounded out the bearings, races & cut up pivot pin. $150.00 of genuine OEM Honda parts fixed the matter.

Now, I just pull out my pivot pin, slap grease on it and the bearings, and stuff back in the hole. :)

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