Arizona Has the WR450

I just picked up my new WR450 in phoenix today. They had two of them both were presold.

Hey Charlie which dealership did you get your bike from, I would really like to know. Here is what happened to me....I put a deposite on a wr450 in sept. at ysa motorsports. I got a call on tuesday 01-14-03 telling me my bike was in and they where putting it together. Called them back on Thursday to see if I could pick up my bike that day. I was told it was a mistake that the bike was slated to go to Honda R& I am back on the waiting list. Sounds fishy to me.

I purchased mine at Champion on the east side. Arizona motor sports group ( Town and country, YSA motor sports and a few others) they will lie to you. Just to give you an example I put money down on a CRF230 for the wife at T&C. They said we were the first one on the list. I get a call saying it is in and I go in the next day. When I get there they tell me that they never came in.

I drove over to champion and bought a crf230 from them. I also had money down on the WR450 at T&C. There again first on the list. Last friday champion calls me saying my bike is in. I picked it up friday night.

Saturday a guy from T&C calls me saying "We just got in a WR450 I am calling everyone who was on this list to let them know one is here" Basically my deposit meant nothing to them. Who ever got there first was going to get it. I refuse to ever do business with Arizona Motor sports group ever again.

I feel sorry that you got shafted by them. Give Champion a call (480)325-1818 ask for Ray and see if he can help you out. After you finally get yours we should get together and compare notes. I think it is the most amazing bike I have ever riden.

R & D sounds like the initials of a friend of the owner.

I have a nice new cardboard crate from Yamaha with the new blue beast inside. It sitting in the back of the Silverado as I type.ITS HERE!!! WR450!!!

Sunday is set-up and install accessories time and the maiden voyage will be Monday. :):D :D

Thanks for the info Charlie. I wish I had known about ysa before I left my deposit with them. I think the first round of bikes are gone I will probably have to wait. I will call Champion and see if they can help me. Please post frequantly about your bike performance so I can see what it is like. I wish I could nail these people to the wall. I also have deposits at other dealers hoping one will get one sooner. I don't understand why they are coming out so slow, they would sell everyone they released. What does the dealer have to gain lying to us. I hope you guys are enjoying your bikes.

P.S. Charlie--what took so long to respond. Where you out riding? I hope so.

Yes I was out riding all day :) I just love that new bike.

Here is my first impression of it

Suspension; It has a very soft suspension, awsome for rock climbing. It is definately not a motocross setup. It just floats across rocks and whoops.

Brakes; well they suck, they are too small for the bike. I need to put over size rotors on it and the rear brake pedal feels very small. The engine braking is not as bad as I was expecting. It does slow down at a rapid rate when you let off but it does not toss you over the bars.

Rideability; The bike balance is amazing, it feels lighter than my '02 YZ250. I feel very comfortable on the bike. The seating is just like the YZ's but the seat is softer.

Modifications; Before it left the shop they pulled out the exhaust restrictor and changed the throttle stop screw over to a YZ one. Now I have full throttle not that I need it.

Starting is very easy, just push the button and go

This is my first thumper so I am not really use to the power delivery. It is a very docile bike. It has none of the explosive feel of my YZ. It just pulls and pulls and pulls and pulls. Top speed is unknown at this time. I had it upto 64 mph and was barely above an idle in 5th gear. No there is no speedo with this bike. I had my GPS unit with me and was reading the MPH off of it.

My wife hates the bike. I guess this thing throws big rocks, not the marble size my YZ tossed but BIG baseball sized rocks. Lets just say she is getting good at ducking and dodging.

I know I don't have tons of experience in this sport but when god said let there be dirt bikes the '03 WR450 is what he had in mind. This bike is amazing beyond description

SMD grats on the new toy. Enjoy it I know I enjoy mine

What is a "throttle" ??

and what is the "grey wire" ??

Charlie, SMD, congrats on the new WRs. It's great hearing about them. :)

Now I need one...

I have lotsa questions but I'll only ask one. What throttle stop screw did they use. I was at the dealer yesterday and we looked at the 03 YZ450 carb schematic and it didn't appear to have a throtthle stop screw (the 03 carb has been modified somewhat from 02 I'm told). We talked with a technician whose son races a YZ 450 and he said no throttle stop bolt. Did they just take the WR bolt out or use an 02 bolt. We all need to know the length of the bolt, pn of the YZ bolt if there is one, or if it was an 02 bolt. Thanks

Yes the 03 wr 450 has a throttle limiting bolt. change it out with one from a YZ450 part number 5JG-14591-00

or you can just cut the existing one, but installing the new part is cleaner and only costs a couple of dollars.

The dealer gave me mine free of charge and installed it free.

Jim feel free to ask as many questions as you can type. I am very happy with my new bike and will gladly answer anything that I can.

I guess I was overlooked on the first round. I'm glad there are some bikes in AZ at least. I can't wait to take yours for a little cruise, that is if the offer is still good.

Congrats Charlie. You will never regret your switch to the fourstroke. You're already a better rider and you don't even know it.

Brakes suck!?! I raced a 98 YZ400 for a few years and when I got on a 02 WR426 for the first time, I almost went over the bars when I applied the brakes in a corner. I'm sure they'll work just fine for me.


The offer still stands. I should have said the brakes were not as good as the ones on my YZ 250. Same brakes but a heavier bike makes them less efficient, but to be fair I did have over size rotors on the YZ. I am used to having good stoping power and the WR does not seem to want to stop on a dime (yet) I am in the process of putting larger rotors and braided brake lines on it to improve it.

Charlie I just called Ray at Champion and he didn't have any of the wr450s left he could get some more in soon. He quoted me about 1000.00 more than any of the other dealer ships. He said 8100.00 to 8200.00. Is about what you paid for yours. I am getting so frustrated.

John check your private messages. I just sent you one


Give East Side Cycle a call down in Tucson. They have already sold all their first round bikes but should be getting some in a few weeks. They quoted me a price of $6600 out the door recently. I was first on their list last summer, but I failed to get them a deposit because he wouldn't give me a firm price way back then. I was bumped way down on the list because of that. It's worth to wait to save a few hundred, in your case a couple thousand. I have heard real good things about them. That's why I went there first.

I got mine ordered from Four Season Motorsports. They were only alotted one, and it's mine (knocking on wood, and some heads if I'm lied too). I am still waiting. They haven't got their first round yet, I'm thinking because they are a smaller shop. I am getting nervous now. I don't know anything about this shop. I was referred by a past satisfied customer, and a friend of mine. Well see, and I'm not bashfull about bashing a shop online if I have to. Lie to me and I'll do my best to shut you down. I'm a real nice guy otherwise. I have nothing bad to say about them YET.

I am real pissed at Yamaha though. I already sold my old bike and have had to miss the first round of the desert series which with the tough competition in my class pretty much takes away all my hopes of a championship. I will have to miss the second round also which is in a couple weeks if the bike doesn't show in a few days. I won't race a bone stock bike that I haven't tested let alone break in. Yamy really has me by the balls right now, but I wont regret waiting later.

I was in Desert Motorsports this weekend. There was one WR450 on the showroom floor. I didnt ask if it was sold not.


thanks for the info on east side, I think it would be good if we talk up the good shops @ let people know about bad experiences. 6600.00 OTD I would jump at that. All the dealers I've talked to said "no deals" 6399.00+ ttl or more. If they offer adeal like that it often changes @ go time. I also called Four Seasons and thought they were honest and sincere(they told me they had one coming but it was sold, yours obviously) but at least they tried to be helpful.

I am now working with a shop up north (I pulled my deposit from the "BIG DEALER" in PHX) I know I will have to wait a while now but don't think I'll get ripped.

Sorry about your race season. If we'd all known about the delay we'd have kept our old bikes. It'll pay off soon.


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