Oregon Riders, Anyone ridden Prospect OHV

Has any one ridden the Prospect OHV area, I heard they have good trails and a motocross track, is the track part true and is it any good. Thanks in advance


You going to ride the Black Dog next month?

Where is the Prospect OHV area located?

I rode the Prospect OHV area last year on opening week. They open July 1st. There was close to 200 miles of some of the best trail riding anywhere. Pristine forest, views, impeccably groomed trails. If you go, try the Golden staircase singletrack trail (most difficult). There are good dry cmping facilities also and it's a good place to ride when everything else is shut down for fire season.

The MX track was a joke though. It's just a sand bowl with a 1/2 mile trail going thru the woods. But for trail riding, it's worth the trip. I'll be going back some time in July especially since it's only 80 miles away.

Another place to ride in Oregon I just checked out is Christmas Valley Dunes. I checked it out last month and actually preferred it over the Oregon dunes for sheer hill climb challenges and wide open full throttle sand.

Prospect is located near Crater Lake Oregon, and they will be having a DS there sometime this year.

I will be doing the Black Dog as it is stage literally 2 minutes from my house, I plan on riding the KTM LC4 Adventure on this one as its my new bike.

Also Cra-zMike thanks for the info on the mx track, too bad its not for real, but the trail info sounds like its worth the drive. And yes I agree Christmas Valley Dunes is way fun. Less crowded and the dunes arent all beat down by tons of use. Plus its fun to be out in no where once in awhile.

Hey guys,

Glad to hear you're coming to the Black Dog (I'm the one hosting it).

As far as the Prospect OHV area, I grew up just South of there in Shady Cove. I used to ride all over the Prospect area and it is a sweet ride. Yes, the Devil's Staircase is cool and the alpine trails later will make you suck up all the vinyl in you seat! I'm planning on riding the Prospect dualsport ride on July 21, so hopefully will see you there too.

-Tom N.


For more information on the dual sport go to motorcycleridersassoc.org The information in the AMA magazine is totally inacurate. Starting time is only 2 hours off and contact phone numbers are also wrong.. Go to the MRA website for proper info.

Thanx Jim

Here's some more info...


Click on "OHV areas", and then #23.

I may check it out as well...

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