Motion Yamaha in NJ jacked up price after deposit

:) I stopped by Motion Enterprises Yamaha in Egg Harbor New Jersey (where I left a deposit for WR450F) and the owner would not honor the deal his sales guy made with me.

He wanted to charge me $1000.00 more.

I'm so !#%&*^# pissed off!!!!

Not only that but he was insulting, disrespectful, and vulgar to me on top of it.

I had been shopping for one for a while and after leaving the deposit, I tossed out all my contacts & prices. Worse than that, I'll have to wait even longer now.

So I filed complaints with BBB and Yamaha Motor Corp.


I would suggest either a letter to the BBB or a letter to the editor of your local paper. Either way I wouldn't pay the additional markup.



If you have a signed buyers agreement, a receipt for the deposit, seems to me they have to honor the price.

You know, in a few months, the same dealer will be discounting these bikes because the 2004s will be arriving.

hey wr250rr where at in jersey are you from? i put my down payment on my WR at motion in hammonton and the price is still the same as the one they told me !!

I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know what's worse: jacking up the price or being forced to wait for the next one because the first one the owner decided to give to his buddy instead of the first guy on the list (me.) Good luck.

Thats the one. Hammonton.

I went there on 1/16/03 to see if they had an ETA and the sales guy I was dealing with left the company. So I started talking to the owner and he said the price is now Full Retail + shipping + prep + dock (whatever that is)

He wouldn't even meet me half way.

So you may want to verify your price.

I hope you have better luck than I did.

As they mentioned above if you have the written aggreement they are by law held to that...

Pay an attorney 100 bucks to go with you.

You will get your Bike

All I have is a receipt for deposit . No written agreement.

I had no reason to suspect foul play.

I go to Sussex Yamaha and they are a top notch dealership.

973-875-5400 ask for Carl. They are supposed to get at least 5 of them.

It never ceases to amaze me how badly some dealerships treat their customers.

Very little irks me more than business people without ethics. They give everyone reason to be suspicious of all business owners. This guy should be run out of business and the honest dealers rewarded for their integrity.

The best way to deal with it is to take your business elsewhere. If he continues this with other people, he won't be around much longer as the news travels.



i don't understand -- did they give you contract paperwork on the bike? or were they just randomly colecting deposits from anyone they can? what does it say on the receipt that they gave you?

if you have no paperwork (which i'm confused by) then i would immediately find out whether the salesman left on his own accord or was fired for cause. if he was fired you have a leg to stand on -- as a representative of the dealer, he entered into a verbal contract with you. if that employee was fired for cause, you have a little angle to have a lawyer to uphold the verbal contract that was made. IANAL but this could be doable.

on the other hand, never put a deposit down on anything without the contract showing what you're buying, when delivery is expected, and how much it costs. think about it another way, as protecting yourself: what if the dealer turns around and says "you owe me full retail+whatever for a honda XR400 -- that's what you verbally agreed to with the salesman, he wrote that down in his notebook and here is a copy".

then again, read

why putting a deposit down on a 'hot' bike means nothing...

and wonder aloud how motorcycle dealers stay in business.

jim aka the wrooster


Hey Beezer thanks for the number.

He said all wr450,s are accounted for.

Still searching..........

The receipt says " Lay away deal" with the receipt # and deal #. $200.00 non refundable.

NO I did not get a contract. (my bad)

Wrooster, your right. Its my own damn fault for not getting a printed contract.

I've never been treated like that from a business before.

I thought they were a reputable Dealer.

But in a sense he screwed himself cause I buy a new bike every 12 to 14 months.

I'll find one somewhere else, I just don't want any one else have to deal with this.

It wouldn't be so bad if these bikes were all over the place.

So Now I'm back to the end of the line!!!!!!!!


call "stumpys" on Rt 35 in neptune. they have a good reputation, and i've gotten three bikes there without a problem. --- email

btw, you said it says "deal #" on the receipt? where does that point to? is there more paperwork on their side which documents the deal?

good luck with your search. if i see/hear anything local i'll chime in.

also, have you thought about using

and getting a canadian model? the prices on their web site include shipping and they will ship it to either phildelphia or newark, where you then have to pick it up. call 'em up, see what they can do for you. and if you need a hand assembling a couple of pieces onto the bike let me know.

oh my does this look swwweeeeet!

jim aka the wrooster

I'm real sorry to hear that you got hosed, but I'm not surprised. I hope it makes you feel a

little better to know that you didn't blow it. A contract wouldn't have mattered much. Most

people misunderstand what a contract means. It is not against the law to break a contract.

That is, it's not a criminal offense or anything like that. It just means that the breaching

party has to make the plaintiff "whole" again for any losses incurred do to the breach. In

fact, in common law (non codified law) it is well established that in business sometimes it

is necessary for contracts to be broken.

If you were to sue, you would have to show damages; but no attorney is going to waste

his time on a case like that. If the dealer won't refund your $200 bucks, take him to small

claims, that's all. No big deal. But it will be very difficult to show that you had any real

damages beyond your deposit. Sure you had to wait, and assuming you had no more

money to put down elsewhere, you lost out on getting on a list at another dealer, but you

would be hard pressed to get any money for your inconvenience. What you could get

money for is the premium you'd have to pay to buy the bike from another dealer. By the

way, it's your duty to try and mitigate damages, that is, to get another deal at the best price


Specifically, your argument would be that you made a "detrimental reliance" on your deal

with them to buy the bike at a specific price, and then you had to buy the bike at a higher

price from another dealer because market conditions changed. You'd then be entitled to the

difference. But believe me, it's not practical to sue. No one is going to care about your

hardship. That's why dealers get away with so much crap, there's little anyone can do

about it.

Drkarnes, I appreciate the insight. They did give me my deposit back, but your absolutely right. This case would be considered small potatoes. (in the court of law) It just really smokes me to see a business do that kind of stuff. In my business , the customer comes first. And if that means making a little less money on one customer because of a certain circumstance , so be it. I tell you one thing, if he would have made good on the deal, I would have been a life long customer. Instead he is going to get a lifetime of bad publicity.

thanks again.


the deal # was or maybe still is on the computer at the dealer. No paper copy. But if there was more documentation, I sure he would not anxious to bring it up.

Thanks for the links

That's an outstanding reply, and very helpful to everyone. I must assume that you're in law practice. That was decent advice.

I'm in law myself (enforcement) and I have a question: if in fact this is a routine practice by a dealer (let's say 10 or more "broken" deals that were in writing) couldn't the dealer be charged with Scheme to Defraud? I know that New York laws may differ, but something along those lines I think may be appropriate. I only ask this as I don't like seeing my riding brothers (or me) get taken advantage of time and again by unscrupulous dealers. Personally, I think the Defraud case would be weak at best, but perhaps you may be able to shed some light on it. Likely though, at best it would be a civil matter.

I think I would just move on, JO's like that dealer always seem to get whats coming to them.

You should be able to find a WR somewhere. Many times people put deposits on bikes and for what ever reason never pick them up. I got a bike that 2 people ahead of me didn't come up with the rest of the money.

I just find it amazing that someone in business would be that short sighted. Most of the money is made at a dealeship thru parts and accessories. I don't think he is going to get much of that business from you.

Only one more reason to buy from Canada.


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