Tyres, again!!!

I know there's loads of posts on tyres, but cannot find a debate on what to use on hardpack surfaces (like elsworth for those in the UK, or for those of you who don't know it, somewhere where you get blue tyre marks on the dirt 'cos it's so hard!!)

So what's the consensus - looking at the Dunlop range it seems to be D707s - anyone tried them? Any other suggestions

a cheap solution i have been impressed with is the chengshin 755. Also the H12 michelin. But that tire really sucks in anything soft.

I'm riding the rear D707 right now for the first time, seem to be wearing pretty well. Ride mostely very rocky fireroads and single track, no chunking so far. Also, usually will ride my scoot to the trail, which is usually 20 - 30 miles of paved road, or highway. Seem to be holding up well on that also, I guess time will tell.

Hope that helps a little...........

Dodger :):D

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