RE: Hydraluic Brake switch for 03 WR's

A comment was made that the new rear Hydraulic brake cylinder for WR's was sealed, and putting a Hyd tailight switch on them was going to be a problem. I looked in some magazines and all the pictures show a banjo bolt being used to attach the front of the rear brake line to the hydraulic cylinder body. It looks like a tight fit but I think the hyd switch will just make it. If the pictures are wrong it will require more work to attach a switch.

Last years WR-YZ fit, Baja Designs sells them for $17.00.

Additional info:

Here are pics of the hyd brake switch, and a YZ 450 hydraulic cylinder which should be identical to the WR450’s. As you can see there is a banjo ring and bolt. The problem is that the switch needs 1 inch of room above the banjo collar. This is going to be very tight. I may even have to lower the hyd cylinder and re-adjust the brake pedal. I have had to do this on another bike I made street legal. This will be the fourth bike I have made street legal including a CR250R. When you have a bike that has a battery the wiring is quite easy, but one post thought there wasn’t a banjo bolt, so that concerned me.

(Hydraulic cylinder pic 1)

(Hydraulic cylinder pic 2)

(Hydraulic switch)

You are right on about that. My 2 day old 03' WR450 went back to the dealer yesterday. Reason: the second attempt to electric start at home jettisoned the starter button (with spring) across the garage. The dealer put on new a switch from an old TT and it works fine. The plastic pressure tab in the button to keep constant outward pressure on the button snapped. During the fix I talked with the owner about installing the hydraulic switch I ordered from Baja Designs. He mentioned the same issue of clearance. There is a banjo bolt w/ head bolt about 3/4" from the subframe which runs diagonally upward to the left. I'm getting the switch tomorrow UPS, I'll let you guys know how it fits, or doesn't.

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