is there a grey wire mod on the 03's

I was just wondering if there was a grey wire mod on the wr's.I haven't heard anything. I did the throttle stop of course, but thats it.

nobody has any idea?? Or heard anything?

I don't know, I took the tank back off Friday night and was going to do the grey wire mod, but after looking at all that stuff that is so differant from my 400, I just turned chicken and put the tank back on and decided to let someone else find it and describe where it is and if indeed it still a grey wire.. I'm not so sure it's even grey anymore.


Well thanks for the imput, I never even owned a 426 or 400 before.Someone out there must know.I looked on the electrical scamatic and it shows a grey wire coming out of the cdi box, but don't know if it's necessary to pull it out.

Hey dukeboy, what do you mean you did the throttle stop? I just got my WR450 and I'm curious...feels like the there is barely any throttle twist at all.

maybe not...just picked up my 450.....the mech. that put it together un-did the gray wire out of the coil....all that did was made it so it had no spark.

The Gray-wire is in 6-pin clear connector.

Must have been the first Yamaha the idiot ever saw :) Dude don't let the knucklehead dealership mechanics mess with your bike :D You'll be Sorrrrry ..... :D

Look for the Grey wire in the pigtail leaving the CDI, the wires will split into two bundles (If the Harness Hasn't Changed) there should be a 6 pin connector and a four pin connector. The Gray wire should be located coming out the far side of the four pin connector along with a black wire...cut the Gray one. Emmission standards have not changed, so the wire should still be there.

Bonzai :D

well......this "idiot" as you call him , has been wrenching on bikes for probably 30 years, and has done the grey wire mod. many sure their the same as in years past ?

Thanks for the imput. I will take a look tomorrow on it.I don't know if he was right on saying coil, or if he meant to say cdi box? Maybe xr600 could help me out here? The only grey wire I saw on the scamatic was coming out of the cdi box. But I could be wrong. Maybe he can double check with his mechanic? I guess I could just go disconnnect the wire instaed of cutting it and see if it starts and if there is a difference.Maybe we will get more imput?

your right.....cdi box...he un-did the grey wire from the clear connector, the bike wouldnt spark.

XR 600,

If it is simaler in location to the YZ/WR last year. I can help you out. Just let me know, worst thing that can happen is we have to plug it back in. Dealership mechanics are not aways hip to the tricks of every model. There heart could be in street bike, watercraft whatever. Remember Tom's is an exellent dealer. Most dealerships are not like that. ----Mike

I know that the ignition system is completely different this year.

As Yamaha has advertised "All new digital CD ignition system delivers more precise spark and monitors engine speed to ensure optimal timing for faster, stronger response during hard acceleration."

There is no coil that is bolted to the frame as in past models. There is now a miniature coil that sets on the top of the spark plug in place of the cap. I can't remember the name of it right now. The grey mod may be obsolete this year. Of all the WR450's that people have gotten and ridden, I haven't heard of anyone successfully completing this mod.

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