seat foam mod

I seem to remember reading a post on having your seat recovered and new softer/higher foam installed. If I recall right the cost was approx 100 bucks. As I have just bought my bike and used all funds on bike, oilchange, helmet (old one was trashed) and whatnot, I chose to go for it and see what I could do low/no cost.

After pulling the front half of the staples from my stock cover, I used a cheese grater to slowly remove the curved center portion of the foam thereby creating a flat area much more comfy than the original shape. (after one short ride) While it doesnt do a thing for hardness, the new shape should make the seat bearable until I can save the cash to do it "right". Who knows I may be happy enough with it to save the 100 bucks for other stuff. Barkbusters would be great!

I will update the comfort issue after the holiday, I am sure to have a definite opinion after 5 days in the woods!

I agree,

I've done it myself and it's good effective way to soften you seat and as a bonus absolutely free (rare mod)

my 2 cent


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