Broke in the WR450

I took it out and played with it, The WR450 that is. I broke it in according to, so it only took about an hour, then I went for it. The power is great, its smooth with no real hit, but it pulls hard and long. the low end is smooth and tractable, it should be good even for tight trails. The suspension is still pretty stiff, especilly in the little stuff. But does it handle? YES! it corners and changes direction like a dream, and is totally stable at high speed. I ran it through a pile rocks, grapefruit size and blasted right through, I was so impressed I kept going back over them, no defection at all. I've had a little problem with inconsistant starting, maybe I don't have the drill down yet, or it needs a little pilot jet or air screw work, Iam at 4500 feet. there you have it so far.

Sounds good, I'm hoping to pick mine up next week.

What do you mean with "inconsistant starting"?

Does it just not fire right up sometimes? Thanks.

One time I hit the magic button and it fires right up, the next time it keeps cranking, so I pull the hot start, then it starts, the next time I pull the hot start it won't start until I let go of the hot start. Maybe I should pull the hot start every time when its warm. When its cold, you pull the choke and starts right up every time. its only got 20 miles so that might improve with more miles.

Yeah, I got the same impression of the stiff, choppy ride, but excellent stability everywhere. It does bust rock and deadwood like crazy, but those Dunlops glide in sand too. I'm going down three clicks all over up and down, glazing the forks & shock with some carnuba wax and reducing tire pressure to 14 psi and see what happens. The day a broke in the WR450, I traded bikes with my friend's 02' WR250 - and it rode like on air ! Must be a new bike thing. Incidentally, I spent my whole day off trying to rerofit the 02' Scotts steering dampner to the 03'. I have been to the machine shop twice today, and going again tomorrow morning to finish it. I called Scotts and they have not even seen an 03' WR450, thus they are no help. Seems like Yamaha hollwed out and lowered the 03' top triple clamp to save weight, not my time.


Are you trying say that the 02 stabilizer mount won't work on the 03 WR450?

I called GPR yesterday and Randy told me that everything from the 02 wr426 will bolt right up to the 450 and he actually sold me a new perch since I sold the other one with the bike. I hope it fits. I would hate to have to machine a brand new part.

This is the first account I have read where someone used the Moto Tune USA break in procedure. Yes I read the info on the web site but its really good to hear the results from the folks here. So it seemed to work well? About 20 miles and your done? I guess the real telling stuff will be when you open up the top end (couple of years).

David in Arizona: Yes. After two days, four trips to the machine shop, and lots of burnt brain cells, Iv'e concluded the Scotts 02' frame ring for an 02' WR426 (which presents a stable post to the Scotts dampner) will not fit the 03' WR450. The top triple clamp on the 03' is way different than the 03'. I talked with Scotts today (again) and two versions of the frame ring were made in 02' for the 02' WR426. One fits the 03' YZ450 and I guess I got the wrong one. I'd buy the other 02' ring but who knows which one I already have for sure. I'll wait till Scotts presents a published solution. GPR ? That must be another dampner manufacturer and I'll bet yours will fit fine. I paid the loser dues for this one.

Are you trying say that the 02 stabilizer mount won't work on the 03 WR450?

I talked to Scotts this morning.. They don't know if the 02 top clamp and mount will fit. I told them I should have my bike in on Friday and they really want to see my bike to measure it up... I will keep you guys posted on what I find.


Dan: Please keep us posted. I ordered, via the Scott's on-line site, a steering head clamp to fit the 03' WR450 (according to Scotts on the phone this part does not "officially" exist). My saga is a long one, suffice it to say the Scott's head clamp from my 02' WR426 does not work on the 03' WR450. The ball is in Scott's corner now - but they have got my money.

Darn it!! If those steering dampeners dont bolt right up...maybe I would relieve one of you fine gentlemen of that very pretty a substantially discounted price....hhhhmmmm


I'll keep you posted.... I'm waiting for a truck to show up at my work with my bike... I really want my top-clamp to fit the new bike (I'm not made out of money). When I talked to Scotts they really wanted to see the bike to find all this out.



What I'm getting from you is that the stabilizer perch wont fit because the WR450 top triple clamp is different. I am wondering if it would work if you used a 426 top triple clamp. I thinking that the actually mounting of it is O.K., but the triple clamp is getting in the way.

I hope this is the case. I still have my top triple clamp, stabilizer and now a new perch but no bike to try it on.

Yo, yamaharichey. I left my 03' WR450 manual with the dealer today (long story), but I need to charge the battery. What does the manual say ? Is it mini 12 volt 6 amp ? Concerned about starting at 9:00 PM in Pueblo.

manual says: " 12 v/6 AH battery type : YTZ7S

Thanks bro! I left the 12 volt charger on 2 amp trickle charge last night and it charged to full. Roost on !

Why did your battery go dead? Did you leave the switch on?

Didn't leave the ignition on, but I didn't know the condition of the charge from the factory. I'm having some issues starting when cold, thus the full battery charge. I think it's related to the air/fuel screw and the starter jet. The bike goes in to the dealer Tuesday morning. I'm sure these are altitude and set-up related. My 02' WR426 was the same way. Wish I'd kept the records on the final 02' set-up. Maybe the dealer data base knows. All these postings on the starter has peaked my interest, I'll keep a wary eye on that issue.

HighPlains, Where did you get your bike? Vickery says they'll dial in the jetting for front range elevation. I'm going to find out the combination they use.

03' WR450 still waiting........

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