Need some opinions on what's twisted.

I laid my 450 over the other day. I was shredding a right hand turn when i lost the front, and went down.I have gone over the bike, and found the things that need replaced. My question is about the triple clamps.

When my bars are straight, my front wheel is pointed right about an inch.The handlebars are straight, and true with the top clamp. I'm thinking i twisted the stem, but i need to hear it from someone else. One guy asked if i bent my forktube.I told him i guess it's possible, but i've been riding for 22 years, and never have seen one bend. Any other idea's or methods to check for bends? Any help is greatly appreciated.:worthy:

Try loosening up your triple clamps and work your suspension a few times to see if it helps

Do you mean the nut on the top clamp or the bolts that clamp the forktubes?thanks for the speedy reply:thumbsup:Any special way to make sure my alignment is dead-on?I tried loosening the top clamp nut after it happen, and it didnt seem to move.

YZ's forks tend to slip in the stock clamps a bit more then other bikes.

just loosen them up and re align and you should be all set.

also the bar mounts on the upper clamp can get out of wack too.

re align your bars in the clamps on the measurment marks.

then make sure the bar mounts are straight, then do the forks follow up with the front wheel.

i just eyeball it.

This happens to me every other ride so i am getting good at it.

try loosen the triple clamp bolt that holds the top and bottom of the stem, sometimes the top and bottom t clamp can become misaligned and make the wheel cocked..... use a straight edge to check for fork tube straightness and some times just loosening the handle bar clamp and re tighten them fixes it. they are rubber mounted so they can get out of wack.

also re align your front tire/wheel

loosen the front axle bolts and correctly tighten after compressing the forks and spinning the front tire & braking:thumbsup:

Hey guys, thanks for the help. I just got it all straightened out, and raised my forks 5mm, and the difference in turning was amazing. I was even riding in the snow:ride:

glad to hear!

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