MX /SX and Injuries ??

Im 34 and still ride the MX tracks but I have been thinking about this also and its one of the reasons I got a WR instead of a YZ as I am going to start pointing my bike into the hills and off the track.

As far as racing MX, I am at the novice level if I do all the jumps on the track. However, Im not into launching 60 foot jumps anymore and I really dont like rolling these kinds of jumps and watching the underside of someones bike fly over the top of me as I get "Sky passed" like my friends and I call it. So I may just drop down a class and roll the big jump and have more fun!

Last year I came up short on a 40 foot double and cased it HARD. My lower back was in major pain for about a month and a half. I couldnt ride, walking was painful and no action with the woman!(that may have been worse than the no-riding) anyway, Im over major air time.

later, streetmoto

I'm 43 and an avid GNCC racer. I was at the opening GNCC series in Okeechobee, Florida. I can attest to the madness that was going on during practice. I swear it looked like there was 10 different races going on at once. The course was awesome and the jumps were big....I did most of them except the monster tripple. (I love to race but don't have a death wish.) The first article was silghtly over blown...the race was not that bad and all 6 of the folks I went down with completed the race unharmed, including 1 female and several C class riders. I firmly agree that many riders are in over their heads and are looking for trouble, However there are many of us that are out there to compete and at the same time have some fun. For us OLD folks the reward is to be out there on the same playing field with our heros and our kids at the same time. Safety should always come first....Most of us have to go back to work on Monday morning to support our families.

Bonzai :)

Originally posted by StreetMoto:

I couldnt ride, walking was painful and no action with the woman!(that may have been worse than the no-riding) anyway

Anytime you can't get in the saddle is a bad thing!! :)

I'm 46 and still racing regulary. I have to honestly say that I have gotten faster as I grow older. I think alot of it has to do with the fact that I have great sponsors and that I was really slow before. I currently race the 40+ master class and usually finish mid pack or better. I'm certainly not in as good of shape as I once was and I don't heal up anywhere near as fast as I used to.

The bottom line is that I race for fun now. I don't get myself so worked up anymore. If I do well that is great and if I don't, that is ok too. I figure that if I can drive myself home at the end of the day then I'm a winner!!!! :D


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