wr 400 98/99 Rear disc hole alignment

Can anyone tell me whether the rear brake disc holes line up between a 98 WR400F and a 99 WR400F

The part numbers are 4MX-2582W-00-00 for the 98 part and 5DH-2582W-00-00 for the 99 part.

I know the diameter is different, but I need to mount a 99 disc on a 98 hub if possible...

Thanks in advance


An alternative might be a Supermoto disc I guess... anyone know anything useful? I need to grow the disc radius by about 10mm to use the 99 Caliper effectively.

Pretty sure the hubs are different. 95-98 same. 99-2006? same. I have a rear rotor from a 96 yz250 if you need one.

Thanks for the reply. I know the hubs have different part numbers (4EW-25311-00-00 vs 5ET-25311-00-00) and I know the rear sprockets are not interchangable.

My problem is that I have a '98 WR400F with a swingarm and rear caliper from a '99 model, so now the rear disc is too small in diameter. I need to find out the answer to the hole-alignment question of the discs so I can work out how to solve the problem.

You will have to run the later hub/wheel with sprocket,wheel spacers and disc. Ck Ebay and maybe you can find all of that

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