Edlebrock Carb/ Low-end problems

The Edlebrock on the '02 BRP definetly makes more power, but what about off-idle torque? Mine seems to have a lag in acceleration, and is a bit peaky. I am unable to plonk up even the moderate grades without bucking. Is this normal? I have owned XL600's and XR350's with considerably more low-end torque. I am using the FMF powercore IV and header.

I'm guessing you have changed the intake and are running a good air filter(non stock)?

Right out of the box, my Edelbrock was plug fouling rich on the bottom. It took quite a bit of adjusting to get it right. When I was done it was great.

IMO, Edelbrock had great customer service. Give them a call or there are many others on TT with Edelbrocks.

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