Where can i find a pipe guard for the megabomb?

Just as the title states. I just ordered an fmf megabomb, and i know i saw either an eline or lightspeed guard for it somewhere. Just cant find it now. Thanks

Sweet. I appreciate it.

I just got my eline for my mega bomb yesterday.... JUNK!!!!!!! the provided band clamps do not hold the guard in place tightly. I bought new ones. it does not cover the most critical part of the pipe. about 4 inches where the pipe turns away from the frame is not covered! This is the spot where all of the rocks coming off of the front tire will surely hit!

The side is covered but the under side is not again this is where rocks from the front tire will hit. (my other pipe had small dents here- thats why I bought the guard)

it connects to the header in only 2 locations, so in the event of a side impact it will apply all of the pressure to the mounting points. if it would have had one more brace it would not only distribute the impact over far more surface area, it would prevent the brace from moving around.

Look for another guard as this one will provide very little protection!

Eline "skimped" on this one. They simply produced a poor fitting, inadequate, limited protection product.

Eline = $100 wasted!

I've seen them installed. It's what i want. Seems to be pretty effective on my buddy's bike.Thanks for the opinion though.I wrap the first 6 inches or so with exhaust tape to keep the heat off my right radiator

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