Boot Help !

What can i do if the boots i got is perfect size, ie in length, but to small on the width, if i dont buckle them, they are "okay" Its a pair of Alpinestars Tech-6's , I know i can get longer straps, but i think it wont help, is there anyway to stretch the boots width in some way? Any suggestions would be nice ( my feet are 5,5inch wide ) so i would require a too large size to get them the width i would need :D

Sometimes i just hate beeing big :)


cut your little toe off and they should fit just fine ! :)

i have wide feet too so i had to get a size bigger to fit right!!

Unreal I have the same question for the boots I just bought,Sidi flex force srs's.While the left foot fits perfect with all the straps done up the right foot fits way to snug and thats with the straps not even done up? I know that they are brand new and take time to break in but do I have to go through lossing toes in the process.I just wrote to see if there was anthing that can be done about this. :) I too am in need of HELP ? ? ?

Well, The answer about cut my toe sucked, Some serious answers are appreciated, A large size boot wont protect as it should protect , the correct size of the boot is !IMPORTANT! from what i know, that goes for skiing, snowboarding, and anything that requiere special boots.

So what could i do, heat it with a heater gun? soak them and run around the house for 30 minutes?

What should i do / don't do .. Thanks


Just exchange the boot for ones that fit peoperly....Boot manufacturers do make boots in wide widths. I had to special order mine from alpinestars because of the width. You can also take them to a shoe shop and ask them to stretch them for you.

Bonzai :)

Hehe I've already ridden them a whole season thinking they will stretch, dont think the dealer will take my dirty boots back :D They are used alot, about 40 hours or so, but the problem is i can't ride more than 1 hour at a time cause it hurts so damned much.

Ive already taken them to a shoe shop he told me he couldn't do anything about it cause of the thick plastic...

He recommended to speak to a Ice Skates seller, they could make them wider he told me, the only thing is i can't find any around close to me :D

But i figured i could take a board and saw it to the shape of my foot, or a bit wider, and crank it in the boot, and leave it like that for a feew weeks ( and have them in as i dont ride ) , and longer straps on that... i mean the fit is ALMOST perfect :) its just on the width, and i dont want to pay for a second pair of boots :D hehe

Hi DW! No ice skating or hockey in Sweden??? :)

I don't think the SIDIs will get any wider. Which one hurts? The small one or the big uncle? Inner or outer side?

To make a ski boot of mine wider I built a let's call it "stretcher" once by using (now here comes the hard part to explane) two bolts sitting in a long sort of nut. I put this "stretcher" inside the boot and turned one bolt counter clock wise - so the whole thing got longer and made the boot wider ... got me?

This should work better than the board...

(Can't quite believe that your straps are too short...)

Take them to a ski shop that specializes in ski boots. They will have equipment to "punch" out the boots.

I have the same problem with Tech 8's. Length is great but the width is not. Help me out too!

I agree with banff boy. I have some experience fitting Ski Boots, and a reputable Ski Shop should have a Hydrolic Stretcher that could be used in combination with a heat gun to get your boot to fit propperly. You could also get a footbed inserted into your boots that are slightly wider than your foot, this would help take the pressure of the boot last off of your foot. Best of Luck

Flabes, banffboy, and drift, Thank you all for some good answers

Ill start looking for a ski shop right away tomorrow monday.

Flabes, we do play hockey, but the hockeyshops are very far away from me, so its a pain getting there just to get the boot fixed :D

But the ski shop sounded sweet, and would be much easier finding, especially this time a year :D

I really dont want to buy new boots either, 1:st for the feel of the boot, its perfect, it fits perfect ( not just in width ) and i've always felt that im NOT very restrained in my techie 6's Pretty damned good boot, and strectching it in a ski skop wouldn't cost as much as buying a new boot :D wich comes to 2:nd part, throwing away another 300$ on a new boot, when the boots i got already is almost new is pointless :) Anyways Thank you all :D

//Sincerly dw:)

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