Rebuilt clutch problems? Need help...

I replaced the clutch plates and springs on my 05 WR 450 and all is not right. I used a tusk kit with the heavy duty spring kit. Now when i start the bike up when its cold i have to pull the clutch lever 4 or 5 times or the clutch will not engage. Is this a cable adjustment, or a installation mishap? This is my first clutch rebuild and i am doing my YZ250 next and don't want the same results. Thanks for any info or advice you guys might have.

ok, we need more detail here or better wording...

An engaged clutch is when you do NOT have the lever pulled - so essentially your clutch is permanently engaged unless YOU disengage it.

If I take what you wrote and presume you meant "disengage" then you are experiencing clutch drag - clutch drag becomes more noticeable with colder temps (thicker oil) and is pretty normal. BUT - since you replaced the clutch the pack is now thicker and you might need to adjust your cable a little to make up for that since you will likely have more free play and less pull on the clutch after replacing the plates because the clutch pack is thicker that it was. Adjust to get less free play and more pull on the lever - this will give you more spacing between the plates when pulled and should give you less clutch drag.

If the previous poster is correct with his assessment of your problem, I agree completely. Give his suggestion about the cable adjustment a try and repost your results.

I also agree with the cold weather, thick oil part. I've had that problem before and there is nothing you can do but warm it up. The clutch drag should decrease to normal levels/go away in a short time. :thumbsup:


It is also possible your clutch basket fingers have 'notched' slightly, making things a bit less freer to move about.

I am going to wrench on the bike tomorrow, will post the results. thanks for the help.

did you soak the fibers in oil overnight before you put them in?

if not you may have a stuck plate

Did some fine tuning with the cable adjusters and the clutch is working much better thanks for all the help guys.

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