JETTING Possibility

OK question... how do i make the power smoother.. granted i love the hard hitting power but im afraid its gonna screw something up in the long run... when u give it that quick flip it hits hard.. i want to be able to do it smoooth. with all the power.. I AM AT SEA LEVEL i ocasionally ride in elevations up to 4000 thats it.. everything bone stock... runs great with the stock jetting im just concerned about the hard hitting.. any help...

Re-connect the Grey wire....If that isn't enough, Purchase a KLX300R That will do the trick for sure....

Bonzai :)

these have a rev limiter so you're safe at the top.

there's been little trouble with the WR in 4/5 years and there are certainly no "common faults".

i would stick to WR timing and "D" series needle. these create the power lower and safeguard the engine. you really needn't do any more than this.


I've found that the factory exhaust baffle and the throttle stop do an excellent job of smoothing out the power delivery.

Try putting them back in.

If you still have to much power try short-shifting instead of wringing out each gear.

Sorry...But the WR sounds like a FAG Bike with the Butt Plug installed :)

Bonzai :D

Check out the jetting in my signature. After trying numerous jetting combinations, I finally found (with help from Taffy and JD) what works really well for me. Very good power that comes on smooth and continuous all the way through. Depending on how close your bike is to mine (year, pipe, mods, etc.) you may have to tweak a little here and there, but it should get you close. I bet you'd like it!

well maybe its just me.. ohh well.. 02 wr426 stock uncorked and thorttle stop.. by the way she did 95 the other day thanks to da sherrif here in town...

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