Yamaha 2003 up to 2005 look

Hallo, i came from Germany, Europe, nearly the Lake of Constanz.

I own two Supermoto ´s (Supermotard)

the first is a KTM 660 SMC (Supermoto) with KTM SMR Replica Style

and the secornd bike is a Yamaha YZ 450 F Supermoto

excuse me for my bad english!!!!!!!!!

okay, now to my question :banghead:

Can I buy the plastik and the decor from the new modells? 2006 up to 2008... and put them to my 2003 YZ450F...???

or, I surch a realy nice decor for my 2003 Supermotard:ride: how can i buy one??

i hop you can me anderstand.

mit sportlichen supermoto grüßen! with friedly supermoto greatings:p :worthy::eek:


The only plastics from an '06+ that will bolt up to the '03-'05 is the front fender. The differences in the frame are too great to allow any other interchange.

mhhh can i not change the gas-tank ???? or is the frame to different??!!

Not a chance, unless you cut out the bottom of the tank, or the top of the frame. Neither option has proved to be practical in early tests. :worthy:

I've never seen a newer graphics kit fitting the first generation YZ450f. If you had to I guess you could trim the new kit to make it fit to an extent but it wont look very professional. I would recommend looking into One Industries graphics. They make some good looking kits for the '03-'05 YZ450fs.

you cant fit the number plate on the front.

yea okay and thanks, i hof, i understand that right that you say *oh i have to learn englisch better :worthy::eek::banghead: *

here is a picture from my bike, today i put on an K&N air-filter

and pollished the rear frame! the bail is now black :bonk:


here is a picture from my bike,


And if you think your English is bad, you haven't seen mein Deutsche!

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