xr650r wet weight.

I am getting ready to buy a bike and can't find the wet weight listings.....i searched but to no avail. anybody?

I'll bet it's right at 300lbs. I think my '00 was rated @ 277 dry. Add 2.6 gallons of fuel, coolant, oil and there you have it.

According to the May 2000 issue of Dirt Rider the 650R weighs in at 302lbs. full of gas and ready to ride.

Suzuki DRZ400E=295 lbs

KTM520 E/XC=272 lbs

Husaberg FE600E=285 lbs

Honda XR400R=278 lbs

Yamaha WR400F=276 lbs

Kawasaki KLX300=271 lbs

Regardless of what anyone says, none of them are real lightweights.

thanx guys...that is exectly what i wanted to know.....have any of you chaps rode a tuned drz400e and if so what did yo think compared to the xr?

If you are riding in tight techical areas I guess you could consider the DRZ. But if you are riding in more open areas, why would you want a bike that weighs as much as a BRP and have Richard Simmons (wimpy) :) power? The amount of mods necessary to make it run with an uncorked Pig would turn it into a grenade! Viva Le Differance!

thanx again guys...this is going to be a sm bike...but i want to off road it as well....thanx i will post a few other questions

I owned a DRZ400 (fully tuned beyond "E" specs) and the 650R simply BLOWS it away power wise. They feel the same weight wise, but all bets are off once you twist the throttle. Just ride an XR650R and you'll know what I'm talking about. Imagine wheelies in 4th gear at over 100 km/h off the throttle...or actual top speeds beyond 160 km/h...with HRC goodies you'll make over 60 HP at the wheel!!! When I geared my 650R to 13/48 it would easily wheelie 5th gear off the throttle. I'm talking stand up wheelies! I would never go back to a 400 after having the 650R. They just seem so weak in comparison...I ride narly woods trails every weekend with a buddy who has a WR400 and we always have a blast. He thinks my bike is overpowered though...he he he...I love it as a dual sport/woods weapon. Good luck!

Must agree. The BRP is much more bike than the Z. My bud rides a DR-Z and they are nice bikes but not in the same leauge as the BRP. It's no lightweight either. It is thinner through the seat tank area and has a slight advantage in really tight technical terrain. The BRP excells at everything except tight single track. That's the only reason I sold mine. We'll that plus the magic button. :D For dual sporting, desert and fast fire roading there IS no other bike. Fortunately for me I'll still be able to borrow my old pig for occasional rides. :)

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