Scotts Steering Damper

I just received my Scotts Steering Damper/Triple Clamp/Bar set but have a couple of questions.

I noticed next to the Sweep valve, on the left side of high speed valve, there appears to be a hole that was partially tapped and/or drilled with what looks like an attempt to plug it. (If sitting on bike with damper mounted it would be on right side of damper)

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this on the side of their Damper too or is this a quality control/Ooops I screwed up issue? If this is normal I won't bother requesting replacement.

Looking at my stock triple clamp, it is apparent I will have to remove the stock tripometer as there aren't any holes to attach it on the new Scotts Triple clamp. Or is there another way I could keep the tripometer ? I have a Panoram but want to keep the stock one for a while.

If I have to remove....

I recently read on here (damn I can't find it anywhere) regarding a sweet Speedo hole plug. Any help finding the link to company? It was something like or something like that.

Thanks for your help/replys !


I think it's Zip-Ty that makes a plug/dust cover that your looking for.


Or you can buy the YZ spacer and seal....much cleaner :) to replace the drive unit.

Just my .02 cents and yes I'll take change :D


I just checked my damper and see the same hole next to the sweep adjust, i would suspect it is supposed to be there.

If you specify the triple clamp is for a WR, Scotts includes (or *should* include) an extra bracket that allows you to mount your stock odometer to the front number plate bolt hole.

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