Chain to short

I just got my new chain and sprockets and I can't get the master link in. I went up 1 tooth on the rear to a 51, stock 14 front, stock 114 links. I had the exact same setup on the set I just took off but cannot get the chain togther. The wheel doesn't go up any farther, I have the adjustment bolts in the whole way but the blocks won't touch them. The axle won't slid up any further, am I missing something? :thumbsup:

And I counted the new chain and old chain to make sure both were 114 links. I'm pissed.

I also had the same problem, i put a 53 tooth rear spraoket on and would not fit with the chain i had, i needed to replace the chain with a longer one, will count the links later on am at work now.

On the previous set I didn't put the 51 tooth on with a new chain, I woulnt have thought the did o-ring chains stretch that much to now a new chain won't fit. I think the caliper is what's keeping me from sliding the wheel any further so I can get the chain together.

Well theres nothing else I can do but send it back and exchange it for a 116 link chain. I guess if it stretches and gets to long I can take a link out.

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