Brakes, Chain & Sprockets

Well I'm bummed. Last weekend a buddy and I went riding and instead of taking my trusty WR I loaded up my recently purchased 03' KX250. Well I ended up losing the back end in a turn jacked my knee. Urgent care Doc thinksI may have possibly torn the inner meniscus in my knee:foul: I will find out more when I go back to my own Doc on Thursday.

Since it seems as though I might have a little time on my hands I thought I would put some money into my 02' WR 426. The rotors and brakes could both use a replacement so that will be first. I will probably go OEM on the rotors but not sure on the pads. EBC seems popular too. I thought I remember some people using OEM CR/F pads as well. Can anyone confirm that they fit and are better and/or cheaper? As it is now they feel a little spongy and don't have near the stopping power of my KX so I will definately bleed both ends while I'm at it.

While I'm in the spending/wrenching mode I think I will also replace the chain, sprockets and chain guid too. Here are my thoughts. Iron Man or Renthal Twin Ring with D.I.D X-ring chain and BRP or T.M. chain guide. I ride mostly desert and want something that lasts. Oh by the way I am still running the stock chain and sprockets which have held up great over the years but its time to make an upgrade.

What do you guys think about my choices? Any opinions on setups that have worked and lasted?

i run ebc brakes

sunstar steel sprockets

and an rk xso o ring chain

i usually get about 5k miles out of a chain in street/muddy conditions

Can't say on the brakes, never had to replace rotors but I like DP pads.

I'm running Ironman sprockets, Regina Z ring chain and TM designs guide.

Been racing/ riding this setup a few months with no chain adjustment and still no visible wear on sprockets. Worth the money IMO.

+1 on Ironman. I put over 1600 miles on an 8 day ride and didn't need to adjust the chain once. Pricey but none better :thumbsup:

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