2008 Wr 450

Hey all,

Just got my new 2008 WR450, after break-in i went off road and was winding the throttle on smothly it went fine but when i went to go from throttle closed to 3/4, full open or there abouts (to pop the front up :thumbsup: )

it bogged on me for a couple of seconds then re-gained power...

is this jetting? or the AIS?

What will get rid of this?

No free mods done yet.

any help would be awesome thanks.

Cheers. :moon:

hi moto, we dont get the AIS here in Australia.

your problem is a common one and usually related to accelerator pump/fuel squirt.

do a search on here theres heaps o valuable info about your problem

did the put in the gytr jetting or did he leave it stock??

remember when posting on here that USA is sleeping at this time of night :thumbsup:

PS: are you on DBW?

when I first got my 07 the accel pump was not doing anything . it ran like crap. I did all the free mods and rejetted it . it ran better but was still very boggy . I Put on a R&D powerbowl . and turned the needle a 1/2 turn out . And now the bike was snappy and crisp as it should have been in the first place. I really don't understand how yamaha gets away with selling a bike that runs so bad out of the box. I could kind of understand the whole detuned thing if these bikes came with a warranty but they don't. There is really no excuse for a putting such a bad factory tuning on these bikes. I mean I don't have a problem with the bike being a bit fat for the break in . but that's not the case here my bike was so lean that it went clear off the cart on the wide band o2 sensor at over 18 to 1 went I cracked on it.

i found that the bike ran alot better with ais removed and blocked off.

then added a pro billet insert instead of the stock pea pipe that comes stock on the bike,cause i'm cheap.

then install a jd jet kit,and the kit comes with rubber o ring that you use to makes your throttle and accelerator pump tighter with no free play so when you gas it the power is more responsive.

and the last thing i did was to undo the gray wire under your left # plate when yor on the bike.

there is also an air box mod but i chose not to do it to keep the dirt out off the motor better.good luck

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