New Ty Davis chain slider quieter???

I've read a couple of posts here and there that Ty Davis (ZipTy Racing) recently came out with a new and improved chain slider that is much quieter than their orignal ones. Can anyone confirm this?

I don't know the answer to the new slider, but I heard if you use silicone between the slider and the swingarm, it is much quieter. Most of the noise is between the slider and the swingarm, not the chain and slider.

I siliconed between the slider and the swingarm

this keeps the slider from eating the swingarm and makes it quieter


Ty had been using the TM Designs chain sliders and guides, possibly a TM Designs "signature" of made by them for Ty?

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I guess there are two types of noise associated with this product:

1) The slap. Already louder than most bikes, the hard plastic of the TM slider makes chain slap a little more noticeable.

2) The whine. The older design had a flat surface, the chain plates would eventually wear two grooves in it. Until this happens though it makes a spooky whine, especially noticeable over jumps (gas off, bike quiet, but wheel still spinning). Some say the whine never goes totally away, but when new it is a little weird. Once the chain plates dig in enough so that the rollers are making the most contact w/ the slider it quiets down. But the piece I bought last summer had a rail preformed on top of the slider for the rollers to ride on. I have a stock exhaust and honestly don't notice any increased noise compared to the stock slider.

The newer piece also has a tab up front that butts the frame, keeping the slider in place on the front of the swingarm since it doesn't use the front bolt hole, the older version supplied an o-ring to serve this purpose.

Nice to see they care enough to improve their product...

Thanks for the information men (and you too Rock!). I put on a UFO slider which they claim lasts longer than stock, but so far it seems to be wearing considerably faster than the stock unit. Think I'll give the TM slider a go.

Ive got my new TM slider sitting out in the garage right now.

Gonna throw it on tomorrow so Ill give some feedback as soon as I get to ride again.

Good to hear I went with this slider compared to UFO brand.

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